Darth Vaders Guide To Viral Video Marketing


Do you use Viral Video Marketing as part your strategy to grow your online business? If not, you need to get on the viral video marketing campaign NOW!

Video is not new in marketing, it’s the now marketing! Fast forward 2 years from now and I bet that instead of people reading an arDo ticle they will be watching a video instead of reading an article on any subject matter you can imagine.

It is predicted by 2017 viral video marketing will account more than 69% of consumer traffic according to Cisco
that is a staggering prediction, but one you need to take seriously. Why would you want to use video marketing as part of your content strategy?

# Video marketing makes it easier for consumers to access information.

# Video marketing is time saving for your consumers.

# Video marketing can now be viewed and accessed on mobile devices.

# Video marketing makes it easier to promote you, your business, products and services.



There are several style types of videos you can use in your viral video marketing and they are:

# Explainer Videos

As they are titled explainer videos are short videos between approximately 60-90 seconds which start with a customer problem and an explanation on how your business can solve their problem. This is the solution which is arrived at the end of the video.

So simply put explainer videos comprise of 2 components a problem and solution.

Explainer videos are also a great tool to introduce new products and services to your target audience.

Here is a simply guide to help you understand the production process:

A) Start with an introduction.
B) Introduce the problem.
C) Introduce the solution.
D) Have a clear call to action at the end of the video.

Where ever possible it is a good idea to script the video prior to production.

Now you may think that you need to outlay a huge amount of money to have a explainer video produced, but that is not the case. You can use a site like Powtoon to create quick and short explainer vidoes and the prices are super cheap.

Here is a sample of a video I created using Powtoon

Explainer videos are really easy to upload to Youtube and Facebook.

# Webinar Videos


I don’t need to go through how successful Webinars can be, and I won’t hesitate a guess that you have already been a participant on a Webinar. But I will confirm that Webinars are a great way for you to leverage your content using Video incorporated into a Webinar.

Now many of you may think that Webinars are strictly for business use, but that is not the case. If you look at the Internet Marketing Gurus like Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsane, and Frank Kern these larakins are all using Webinars to promote their products and services. In return growing their email marketing lists using the power of Webinars.

Webinars allows you to target a specific audience, and the thing with live webinars is the ability for your audience to interact during your presentation. Q&A (Questions and answers) although it would be highly recommended that these are left for the end of the Webinar.

Webinars also offer you the opportunity to communicate further with those that may have signed up for the Webinar, but for whatever reason did not attend. So you can email those who didn’t show up and give them to watch a replay of the Webinar before it comes offline.

Webinars also work well with Google hangouts even though you are limited to the number of attendees.

There are many options and platfors which you can use to host webinars, but one of the best out there is Webinar Jam

Here is a quick review I did not Webinar Jam

# Video Reviews

If you use Affiliate Marketing as part of your strategy to generate income online, then I bet you do reviews of products, software, apps etc. And I hope that those reviews are being recorded using a screen capture software.

The screen captures can then be converted to an mp4 and uploaded to Youtube or Facebook.

Product reviews given online increases the trust factor for consumers who make purchases over the Internet. So why wouldn’t you be promoting a review with video?

If you are including an affliliate link in your description or as an annotation or video card, then just make sure you cloak your affiliate links.

# Video Testimonials

Video testimonials may sound simliar to video reviews, but in fact they are completely different. Video testimonials work great when you are doing a product launch, introducing a new course you may be selling online, or introducing a new service for your business whether it is online or offline, it really doesn’t matter what it is.

The fact is that video testimonials work so much better, than text testimonials. In some way we are all influenced by what others say about something, and if that something is really good it helps us make an informed buying decision. Right?

The problem is the majority of us are afraid to ask for a review or testimonial, that I don’t get. So don’t under estimate the power of video testimonials.

# Demonstration Videos

I want to use an example for this and Bunnings have done this brilliantly when it comes to demonstration videos. They have covered it particulary well in the DIY market place.

Just take a look at this video on DIY carpet laying.

Demonstration videos can be adapted to just about anything. All you needs is a bit of creativity, and of course the right equipment. I will cover recording equipment a bit later.

# Vlogger

Vlogger sounds pretty creepy right? What is a Vlogger for those of you who may not have heard the term before. A Vlog is simply a blog that using Video rather than text, much like a web tv. Some Vloggers will incorporate text, images and videos, whilst others use only video.

From the videos I have seen from Vloggers they appear to be from shall we say the younger generation, but I can certainly confirm that they are having a truck load of success with their Youtube channels as Vloggers.

Now we’ve covered the types of videos you can produce to help your viral video marketing. But what about the equipment that you need to get your video marketing off the ground.

If you are looking to screen record your computer to demonstrate how to video’s, you will not only want sreen recording capture but you will also want to record the audio.

For window users my recommendation is Camstudio. This is an open source application and it has benefits and downsides.



# Free.
# Cursor highlighter.
# Records your session.
# Automatic panning.
# Records your sound from both the computer and your voice.


# The program is simple.
# You can only export your video to an avi file, this will then need to be formatted to an mp4 file and you will need another software application to do this.

For Mac users, you have an application built in. Head on over to your Applications and search for Quicktime. Downside the file size of Quicktime files is they are massive.

If you are looking to get professional with your screen recordings, then you can’t go past Camstasia Studio for either windows or mac. It does cost you a small investment, but it is well worth it.

Another option for your to consider is Screenflow with Screenflow you can work with transitions, annotations, text and audio filters together with call outs.

So what about video editing software, yes we are moving onto that.

If you are new to video editing you have the option again of both free resources and paid versions. To kick things off you can use Windows Movie Maker now this only works with Windows. It is free and at the end of the day you are limited with what it can do.

So what about us Mac users (I love my Mac) then the option is iMovie. With iMovie you can make simple movies, incorporate trailers (and iMovie) comes with a quite a few template together with audio tracks. You are given a variety of export and sharing options.

If you are wanting to do live recording then simply start out with your mobile device such as your iphone, ipad or android phone. You can use any of the above software applications to edit your videos.

So my friends it is now time for you to embrace the power of viral video marketing and incorporate it into your content marketing. But wait before you go, what about growing your Youtube channel and other video traffic sources?

How do you go from zero subscribers on your Youtube Channel? Firstly understand why do people head to Youtube? They are looking for either an entertainment video or they are looking for information videos.

Here are a few tips that can help you grow your Youtube following:


# What is your channel all about?

# Who is your target audience?

# Where is your target audience hanging outside of Youtube?

# How can you get the potential subscriber to share and subscribe to your channel?

Step 1

Research other blogs, forums, facebook groups, linkedin groups, twitter profiles that are your in your niche market.

Step 2

Video production and formula.

Hook your viewer right at the beginning of your video.

Incorporate your branding.
Main content of your video.
Clear call to action at the end.

Step 3

Upload your video and optimize.

You need to optimize your video for seo. This includes using the keyword in the Title of your video, using keywords in the description and tags. And incorporate a great thumb nail.

Step 4

Share the shit out of your videos. I don’t really need to go over the sharing platform sites with you. You just need to get it out there.

Now if the video is great it will get shares, likes, comments and start going viral. Because we are talking about viral video marketing.

Step 5

This is probably the most important of all, and that is to interact and engage. Comment on your video this starts a conversation with anyone that ends up viewing your video and builds your own community.

Step 6

Check the back end of your Youtube channel and see what is going on with analytics. As with everything you need to evaluate what videos are getting traction and what videos are not engaging your Youtube visitor.

Youtube will rank your video and the take away on this, that the rankings actually come down to the watch time.

So this is a wrap from me. I hope this article will inspire you to go and create some epic videos, incorporate them in your content marketing, get them out there on the intranet and have fun with the creativity process of video production.

Do you have any tips that you can share that will help our community get their video marketing going viral? If so , we’d love to hear from ya!


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