Debunking the 12 Most Common Social Media Marketing Myths

social media marketing myths

Debunking the 12 Most Common Social Media Marketing Myths
Let’s face it, just like everything else out there; the internet is filled with numerous misconceptions and myths about social media marketing. While most of these myths are downright crazy, many marketers have held onto them. With social media changing and evolving rapidly, it’s usually difficult to stay updated with the latest information. That is why we have put together debunking the 12 most common Social Media Marketing Myths.

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t chase the right information. We are marketers after all! With this in mind, it is high time these bizarre myths are put to rest one and for all. So, what are these myths? Read on and we will debunk them one after the other! This way you will have the true insights on this particular topic subject.

Myth #1: “Social Media is Simply Great! We Are Going to Join Every Network”
You and I both know social media networks are an effective marketing platform for businesses. However, just because there are many platforms available does not mean you need to have a profile on each of them. Why? Because your target audience is not present on every social media network. You need to be active where your target audience is interacting.

The truth of the matter is being active on all the Social Media Platforms are not really worth your time and effort. The key is to research and identify ones where you can find your target audience, and establish a presence on those platforms. For example, social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are more relevant than other platforms. With a profile on one, or even both, you may not need to join other networks. But if your business focus is BtoB then do not dismiss LinkedIn.

Myth #2: “Immediate Response to Social Activity is Essential”
You and I know customers appreciate a quick response to any query they have about your products and services. In fact, most businesses believe in this so much they make an entire strategy around it to service their customers well. While it’s appreciable, it does not mean that it’s ‘always’ required.

The truth is you are running a business and there are many other tasks you need to look after. Most people will understand this scenario, so getting back to them in a timely manner is alright. You don’t need to hire extra people or make them respond quickly.

However, there are always exceptions for this. For example, let’s say you are running a Facebook page exclusively for customer support. In this case, you need to respond to queries and feedback quickly.

Myth #3: “Hashtags Are Extremely Important”
I know you have probably come across Tweets and Posts like the example below:

Love the article #DebunkinngCommonSocialMediaMarketingMyths. It #crushes #commonmyths about #socialmediamarketing and even has an image of #puppies!

First off, Tweets and Posts like these are irritating! Secondly, the purpose of Hashtags is to join common conversation threads. Having a hashtag for a trade show or event can be great, but it takes a lot to get a hashtag to trend. In fact, most attempts of doing so fail miserably. As such, they are not as important as you think they are.

They don’t fulfill every marketing dream in a flash, but rather act as a way to be more friendly for people who are actually following certain hashtags.

Myth #4: “Marketing on Social Media Is Free!”
We all know social media networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are free to use. While that’s great, marketing on these network is a different story. The truth is “free” marketing is a myth.

While using the network is free, spending hours of your time and efforts to post updates, create content, respond to customers and more, is not. At times, there are hidden costs involved when you implement a social media marketing strategy.

Myth #5: “My Customers Are Not On Social Media”
This myth is simply absurd! According to statistics, social media giant Facebook has 1 billion, Twitter has 170 million, and Google+ has 100 million active users. So, do you really believe none of your customers are on any of these social networks?

What about LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, ThirdAge, or Meetup? I can name numerous other social media networks!

social media marketing myths

Myth #6: “Negative Comments Will Ruin Your Business”
Some businesses think that keeping away from social media is the best way to avoid negativity from the public and their customers. Honestly, this perception is nothing more than nonsense; a myth that keeps many businesses away from using social media.

The truth is while negative comments can create a negative influence, they can also be a positive for your business. If your business is given a negative comment, use this to your advantage to quickly address and resolve any issue your customer may have. If you provide them with a solution. You may find that they also comment on how you professionally and quickly addressed the problem creating a client for life.

Socialsprout put together a really amazing article on how to handle negative online reviews of your business. My recommendation would be take the time to ready this in depth article.

Myth #7: “Google+ Is Useless!”
It is true that Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the top spot holders in terms of active users? Because Google+ is nowhere on that list, most people believe it is useless. However, this is just a myth. Think about it, if Google+ is of no use, would it have over 100 million active users?

Guys, Google+ offers tremendous SEO value. In fact, posts from Google+ profiles show up on search engine results pages as well. This means even if your engagement on Google+ isn’t quite there at the moment, you may experience a slight bump in your search engine rankings because of your activity.

Myth #8: “It’s a Bad Idea to Share Your Competitors Content”
No business would ever want to promote a rival company. As such, it’s no mystery why this myth surfaced. But, and I think you have guessed it already, did you know you can gain a number of benefits by sharing your competitor’s content? Here are 3 big benefits:

1. It shows that you are determined enough to provide your followers with the best information possible – even if it’s not coming from you.

2. It reflects your positive attitude, showing your competitor is no threat to you or your business.

3. Your competitors will probably end up sharing your content as well. Besides, you are an expert in their niche – just like them.

In the movie “Godfather 2,” the adage ”keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” really couldn’t be any more important. When you scour your competitor’s content, you will have a good idea about what your rivals are up to.

Myth #9: “The Bigger the Following, the Better It Is”
Many businesses believe that the more fans, retweets, likes, and/or followers you have, the better you are. In fact, this has given rise to the “Buy 14,000 followers for $10!” scams. In truth, bigger is not always better on social media. In fact, if you start following this myth to the letter, it is likely you will end up nowhere.

The truth is it’s better to have and engage 100 followers who are likely to purchase your products or hire your services than 2,000 followers who just like your content. Evidently, the 100 followers make for a better ROI.

Myth #10: “Do Not be Personal”
Undoubtedly, the content you publish on social media networks has to be in line with your target audience. Moreover, I know you have an obligation to show you are a professional business. However, this does not necessarily mean you cannot publish content that portrays the personality of your brand, or even those of your managers and staff.

People are behind your business! Therefore, do not be hesitant to show images of employees working at your company, or links to content that you find interesting. Do not forget to incorporate your own brand of humor while doing so because it is an effective way to generate the interest of your audience.

Myth #11: “It’s best to Ignore Negative Feedback”
Social media is not about making an upset customer happy (but that would be nice though), It is about making sure your brand is recognized as a caring brand, one that is listening to what its customers want. As such, you need to listen to both types of feedback, good and bad; never ignore the bad.

Remember, thousands of prospects and customers will be looking at you with a bag of popcorn on their side. So, it’s important you answer every comment, whether positive or negative, as soon as possible.

Myth #12: “Only Young People Use Social Media”
That statement isn’t really accurate, but you get my point. Social media users are from different age groups. If you think that millennials are the only ones using social media, think again!

· 40% of the active users on Facebook are over 35 years old.

· 94% of adult internet users in the US are on Facebook.

· 52% of internet users between the ages 55-64 have joined a social media network.

Just like anything that is popular, social media is one of those topics that is under a lot of discussion. As such, it’s understandable there are a lot of myths that surface. However, I put at least 12 of those myths in place, right? Always do your own research, don’t believe in these myths, create a strong strategy, implement it effectively, and you will experience good results from your social media marketing campaigns.

social media marketing myths

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