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In this episode we are going to discuss tapping into our super powers. Yes it’s all about mindset and being peak physical condition.

“Knowledge is great. Competence is great. But the combination of both encourages people to trust you and increases your powers of enchantment. And in this world, the combination is a breath of fresh air” – Guy Kawasaki

If you are not in peak mental and physical condition you are setting your business up for epic failure.

Having a success mindset backed by being physically fit will get you setup for success. It’s is a no brainer.

Show Notes…

“The Ultimate Success Formula”

1. Know your outcome.

2. Get yourself to take action by deciding to do so.

3. Notice what your’re getting from your actions.

4. If what your’re doing is not working, simply change your approach.

Create a Vision for your Life & your Business

1. A vision for their lives and their businesses.

2. Attention to the importance of their mental and physical health.

3. Awareness of your strenghts and weakness.

Take the time to answer these questions!

1. What is the ultimate vision you have for your life?

2. Where do you see yourself in the future?

3. What have you always dreamed of to create for yourself?

4. How do you want to spend your days?

Health Tips

Note if you have not undertaken any exercise for a long time, please consult with your Health Professional first.

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

2. Clean up your diet, get rid of the crap and invest in eating more protein, fresh fruit and vegetables.

3. Exercise minimum 30 minutes per day if you can do an hour, brilliant.

4. Yoga, meditation and visualization.

Strenghts & Weaknesses Q&A

Your strenghts

1. What have been your greatest successes?

2. What are you most passionate about?

3. What are you well known for?

4. What’s your reputation?

5. What do you really love doing?

Your weaknesses

1. What would you consider your failures?

2. What do you absolutely hate doing?

3. What holds you back?

4. What do people that are close to you say about you?


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