How Can I Make Money Online

how can I make money online

Many people are looking for ways to make an honest business and living using the Internet. But there are a lot of scammers online who boast that they are making literally six figure incomes online every month, and to be honest all they are shooting are a whole bunch of lies. And these marketers really take advantage of those who are new to the Industry.

But on the other hand there are legitimate Internet Marketers who are the old school kind and do make a good income online with their Web Businesses. It’s these folks who don’t promote the push button quick rich scams and their businesses have become very successful because they have put the time and effort in over a long period of time.

Ask anyone who is successful with their Online Business and I bet they back me up when I say it takes just as much hard work, time and effort as it does to build up a brick and mortar business from scratch. The only difference between the two types of businesses is that one is at a physical address whilst the other allows you the freedom to work from anywhere.

So what I’m going to do is take away the “Lime Light” from how can I make money online, and show you step by step how you can achieve success with creating your own Internet Web Business.

We are not providing you advice and guidance on making money online fast, our view point is to show you how to successfully set up a web business that you can operate “online”.

Now before we do dive into the process. I must make it clear that as this is being run as a legitimate Online Web Business that you will need to make sure that you comply with the laws both from a tax point of view and legal view that are applicable in your country of orign. We are not promoting any quick rich schemes.

Step 1

Yep you got it we begin with research. Now you may ask why do we need to do any research and the simple answer is. You need to see if there is a void that needs to be filled in the market place you wish to start your Internet Business! We are going to look at the difference between a market and a niche.

What is a market? An actual or nominal place where forces of deman and supply operate, and where buyers and sellers interact (directly or through intermediaries) to trade goods, services, contracts, for money or barter. Source: (Business

​What is a niche? A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exist by themselves, but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them. (Source

Now within our Niche markets we have what I call our super Niche markets.

So let me give you a couple of examples so you can wrap your heads around the difference between a market, niche market and then our super niche markets.

Wealth is a market and I must say it is a very lucrative market as well (lots of money to be made in this market) and within the wealth market we our niche market. Market = Wealth = Niche = Accounting = Super Niches (Quickbooks, Zero, Myob, 7 accounting basics that will save you hours, accounting for small business). Another example of a Super Niche Market (Advertising) = (Advertising Online on Google, Advertising on Youtube, Advertising on Social Media, Advertising in Local Press offline, Advertising for Free, Paid Advertising Techniques)

​Want our Free Copy of our 101 Profitable Niche Markets then just complete the form below:
I hope that clearly explains the difference between a market, niche market and super niche market.

Tip: You can also check out, and amazon to get further ideas of what is hot in super niche markets. Just check under their categories.

Step 2

Yep sorry more research. Now from here, what you need to do is make a list of at least 10 markets, next to each market you have chosen note 5 niches, and from your 5 niche markets pick 5 super niche markets. Try using an excel spread sheet for the exercise, note pad, word or just a plain piece of paper and pen will be fine. Again I will give you an example.

For this example I will use the market of Lifestyle, the niche market is Recipe (I like to cook) and the super niche market will be 20 healthy 5 minute recipes.

It’s time to see if we have a demand for our super niche market. And to conduct this research we are going to use Googles Keyword Planner. In order to be able to use keyword planner you will need to sign up for an adwords account, don’t worry we are not setting up an adwords campaign.

Once you have signed into Adwords go to tools, find new keywords. We are going to be working with the your product or service query section.

how can I make money on the internet

Now in the product or service pane I have typed in “healthy recipe” as the keyword. Scroll down to the bottom blue button and hit get ideas. You can see the results below. The keyword “healthy recipe” has a global search volume of 6,600 per month averaged out over 12 months with a low competition. This tells me this is definitely a winner. Just a side note. Many of you would be thinking well why not go after the larger search volume. The reason is there will be too much competition and you would struggle to get found in the search engines. The higher the search volume the higher the more competition, the less successful you will be.

ways to make easy money online

So far so good. The next thing we want to investigate are the other keywords that are listed around our search query “healthy recipe”. Click the keywords tab, next to Ad groups tab. Google will give you further keywords. Download this into an excel spread sheet because this is your gold mine of keywords that you can use to start creating content. Bazinga!

how can I make money online

Step 3

Now that we have a profitable super niche market. Whoo hoo! We need to register our domain name. Your domain name is going to be the name of your website. And when picking our domain name we want to include if possible, our search query “Healthy Recipe”. I recommend that you brain storm a few ideas. Again I will give you an example so you can follow my lead.

Choice of Domain Names:

# healthyrecipes

# healthyrecipes4family

# healthyrecipeweight

# healthyrecipe4heart

# healthyrecipesforlife or a variance healthyreceipeforlife or healthyrecipe4life

Once you have brain stormed a few ideas we then need to see if any of our options are available to register. You need to register your domain name with a Domain Name Registrar. I recommend and personally use Bluehost to keep the process simple as you can also use Bluehost for hosting for your website. So lets head on over to Bluehost to see what results they give us and options.

Now a lot of Internet Marketers recommend going after a .com domain such as But you will find that a lot of these premium extensions have been taken. So I personally wouldn’t get to bent out of shape about the extension at the end of the domain name. The key is to include our keyword search term in our domain name.


# healthy recipes
ways to make monye online
Now you can se from the results that we are left with the extension of .space or .biz.

# healthyrecipes4family

make money online

Not bad we have a few selections: .co etc, but do you see the magic .com. I’d note that as a good one.

# healthyrecipeweight

make money online

Great we have the .co and more importantly the .com extension available.

# healthyrecipe4heart

how to make money online
Again we have the .com and .co extensions available.


how can i make money online
Excellent .com and .co are available

So far I think we are on a really good roll. Now it is time to decide on the domain name. For me it is a toss between healthyrecipes4family and healthyrecipeweight. My reasoning is because there is another niche market that could be introduced around meals for families (this has vast further niches to tap into) and the same for the weight extension (again because the weight loss market is also a massive commerical industry). Tough choice really. But at the end of the day I would probably take both.

I also want to point out that the cost to register your domain name will be anywhere between $10-$15. This is for a full year and you will need to maintain the cost. Pretty cheap really. So that is step 3. You can register and set up your hosting in one go with Bluehost sign up below by clicking the image. Note this is an affiliate link, so if you do sign up through my link. A big heads up thankyou!

Step 4

Hosting – I mentioned in step 3 hosting. I’m not going to assume that everyone who is new to this Industry knows what hosting is all about, but if you do then move onto Step 5. For those of you who don’t. Everything that you see on websites from pages, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, images, videos, audio, pdf documents whatever it is you see or hear needs to live somewhere and in terms of a website it is a hosting account. Think of hosting being similar to the hard drive of your computer where you have files stored. Setting up hosting is a entire blog post in itself. There are many hosting companies that you can choose from. The choice is really yours, but if you purchase your domain name through bluehost they can setup your hosting for you. The live chat and technical support are really great.

The cost of hosting your website will vary between different hostings companies. But Bluehost start out at about $5 bucks a month. I believe you will need to pay for a year up front approximately $125.00.

Step 5

Website Platform – Now if you don’t know WordPress is the one to choose. Getting a WordPress site is absolutely free and you load this through the cpanel of your hosting account. Please watch the video below to walk through the installation process it is really quite easy.

Step 6

WordPress Theme – We now want to choose a Theme for our WordPress Website. WordPress has a huge gallery of free Themes or you may opt to purchase a Theme. But at this stage of the game I’d run with the Free Themes and again they are quite easy to install.

Step 7

Website design – Now the fun part begins. You will need to arrange a header image for your website. Just take a look at mine. Do you think I paid a lot of money for this to be done? If you said yes, guess what? I didn’t. I got this created for me on for $5 bucks. You can access fiverr here to order your website header. A keynote to mention is that you want the design of your website to be clean and easy to navigate. To get some inspiration check out a few of your favourite sites to get some inspiration in regard to design and layout.

Your website must also be mobile friendly. So it can viewed on mobile and tablet devices.

Step 8

We now need to create our pages for our website. The most important pages for your website are the following:

# Landing pages.

# Home Page.

# Contact Page.

# About Page.

# ​Services Page.

# Resource Page.

# Other pages which maybe required and dictated by the type of web business you are starting.

Step 9

WordPress plugins. Now there are literally thousand of Wordpess plugins​ around for you to incorporate in your Website. But too many plugins will dramatically slow down the performance of your Website. And if you have a slow load site it will affect your ranking in the search engines.

Here are my recommended plugins:

# Askimet This plugin will protect your Website from spam comments.​

# Click to tweet This plugin is great to encouraging share of your content with Twitter.​

# Disqus Great for commenting.​

# Flare Great plugin which allows your content to be easily shared with Social Media.

# Google Analytics by Yoast Easily allows you to incorporate Google Analytics​. Note there is both a paid and free version of this plugin.

# Revision Control This reduces the number of revisions WordPress makes of your content, again helps with the load time of your site.​

# W3 Total Cache This plugin also helps with the load time of your site, and pretty much is a must!

# WP Optimize This will help keep your database clean.​

# WP Smush It This plugin in great, it reduces with size of images. Again a great benefit to loading time of your site.​

# SEO by Yoast The universal plugin used by many for great SEO!​

Step 10

Widgets – No widgets are not something out of a Steven Spielberg movie or a hobbit. They are used to create sidebars on your sites. If you look at my side bar you will see several optin forms, affiliate links, a search bar etc. These are all made using widgets.

Step 11

Now it’s time to start creating content for your website. There are many different strategies to do this:

# Create blog posts on a regular basis. There is always some consensus about the word count in your blog posts. I personally recommend 1500-2000 words. I know it sound like a lot, but there are so many types of blog posts you can produce it’s not funny.​

You can always ideas from using Topic Generator tools such as: hubspot topic generator​ or title maker either way both are great.

# You can down Hubspots free content creation kit. Another great resource!

# Subscribe to other bloggers that are within your niche market to get inspiration. Please on a side note if you really love their content leave a comment on their site. Just share the love around.

# Google keyword tool can help you come up topic ideas.

# Forums are another great source to get inspiration. Just google (yourniche forum).

Step 12

Create your lead magnet to give away to your subscribers. This can be a free ebook, and in our case we could create an ebook about “Healthy Recipes That Won’t Blow Your Shopping Budget” or “Top 10 tips to Healthy Eating”​, or we could create a short video course, a mind map, white paper report. Whatever you create to be your lead magnet it must be professional written and you need to use visuals etc. I have a entire free course on “How To Create An Ebook” on Youtube

Step 13

Build your email list. The whole purpose of going to all this effort is to build your email list, and you can not do this without having in your kit what we like to call your online arsenal. An auto responder.

An auto responder serves your online business with 2 purposes: One to give you the power to incorporate optin forms on your website, blog and side bar, two to enpower your business to be able to communicate through email marketing to your list.

It is through email marketing to your list that you are able to build those critical relationships. This backs the theory people do business with people they like, know and trust. And the best auto responder on the market is Aweber. You can signup to Aweber below:

You can get started with Aweber for $1 for a 30 day access. Read my full review of Aweber

Include optin forms on your blog posts, side bars, web pages, social media accounts and landing pages. The key success is to make sure you have a “Clear Call to Action” tell your potential subscribers what you want them to do.

Step 14

Traffic – Now all the hard work has been done it’s time to drive traffic to your LANDING PAGES. Not shouting at you. But for each offer that you have you need to have a separate landing page.​

You can drive traffic using either paid mediums or try to generate the traffic through organic search.

When it comes to traffic the Queen of Pop is Kim Roach from​ If there is anything to know about how to drive traffic and not be dependent on the Google Gods she the bomb. Kim’s running a great deal at the moment where you can get her proven traffic strategies for like a $1 (seriously). Grab this before she takes it down right here

Driving traffic takes many shapes and forms. It really comes down to promoting your content like a bad ass!

​You can also download our Traffic Mind Map by completing your details below:
So lets recap:

1. ​Research.

2. Find a profitable niche online where people are already spending money.

3. Register our Domain name.

4. Set up our hosting account.

5. Install and configure WordPress.

6. Design and put content on our website.

7. Create our lead magnet.

8. Create and install our optin forms.

9. ​Drive traffic to your website and offers.

10. Build relationships with subscribers on your list.​

11. Market related products and services to your list through affiliate marketing.​

Tip: There needs to be a fine balance between providing helpful and valuable tips to your subscribers and marketing. Just use commonsense and the 80/20 rule. 80% providing value and 20% marketing. It’s a no brainer really.

Everything that you need to run your Web Business is in our Webmasters Tool Box!

Wow I’ve really enjoyed putting this post together for you. I hope it has clearly set out the path for you and encourages you to take a leap of faith to set up your own Online Web Business.​ Just understand that starting a web business is not a quick rich scam, it is a real business and many have had great success. You just need to do it the right way. It’s not a complicated process and the cost compared to starting a brick and mortar business is priceless.

I’d love to hear how you got on and look forward to any feedback that you may have about this post. If you liked it please share the love. Until next time. Cheers Kim :)​


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