How To Add Structured Data To Your Website

how to add structured data to your website

Do you know the importance of how to add structured data to your website?

Structured data is also commonly known as schema mark up. Yes it is technical, but is can be quite simply if your website uses WordPress.

The benefit of adding structured data to your website, is it can significantly assist your website’s seo and help you rank better.

I know the terminolgy “structured data” or “schema mark up” does sound technical, and you made be afraid to attempt to add this to your wesbsite, but if rise to the challenge and you do add this to your website as I mentioned there will be massive benefit in the long run to your website rankings.

But I believe it is important to understand exactly what “schema mark up”is:

How to add structured data to your website

Schema markup, is code that is added to your website and by adding this code, it makes it a lot easier for google search engines to crawl your website capture and display your content.

Simply put, schema markup code communicates to the search engines exactly what your data is all about. Without adding scheme code to your website, search engines can only tell what the data is about, meaning they need to work harder to understand why it is there.

Think of schema markup code as a detailed business card containing all of your website data. Make it easy for google search engines to understand your data, and you gain the advantage of better rankings, with improved search engine optimisation.

Consider it another strategy for the best performance for your website, much like you do when completing keyword research.

To understand the schema markup code better visit

how to add structured data to your webiste

Google has made it easier for you to understand the 3 basic schema markup data you should consider for your website.

3 basic schema markup data for your website

how to add structured data to your website

The most relevant you need to focus your attention on is JSON-LD.

Google has strict guidelines on how to add structured data to your website, so you must follow these guidelines.

If your website using the platform, we recommend using scheme app structured data

structured data

This is the plugin we use on bizlabonline. Just install as you would any other plugin.

If you website doesn’t use, then you could either have a go at manual markup, but I would suggest you outsource this.


I know the terminology “structured data” can be a frightening term, but it is a must to assist with the long term strategy of your overall search engine optimisation plan for your website.

It’s a lot simpler than it seems at first, and it’s a best practice that you need to start doing today.

If you want your site to be around for duration, learning or outsourcing how to add structured data will be a benefit in the long term.

So are you trying to use structured data on your website?

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