How to Create Content to Get More Sales for Dummies

When it comes to content marketing, there is a big misconception that it does not drive sales. Well, if it really isn’t effective enough, several large organizations would probably not exist today. From Coca Cola to Philips to American Express, all these renowned businesses have grown significantly through content marketing. That’s because content marketing is not like every other form of marketing out there that shouts SELL, SELL and SELL. Instead, you need to address your target audience by producing content which they would find highly valuable.

This is a ‘soft’ way to get your message across. However, when it is done right, you offer value that’s discrete from the products and services you are selling. You provide content–driven experiences that are entertaining, useful or educational for your audience, but all of this ultimately leads to awareness, engagement and sales for your business. So, do you want your content marketing campaigns to bring you more sales? Read on, as I will show you how to achieve exactly that with how to create content to get more sales for dummies.

1. Blogging

One of the first things that come to mind when you think about content marketing is blogging. And it is for good reason too because it’s one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO, attract more traffic to your website and accelerate client relationships, all of which will ultimately result in increased sales. Therefore, if you do not have a blog, it’s time you change your priorities.

Points To Ponder:

· Identify what you target audience wants to know.

· Create interesting, valuable and sharable content on a regular basis.

· Guest post on the websites of influential bloggers.

2. Video

The most engaging way to communicate with your target audience is Video. According to a research, a minute’s video is equivalent to 1.8 million words! Why? That’s because it is much easier to understand and memorize than text. The best video you can create for your business is an explainer video as they are solely focused on solving the problems of your customers. So, think about your customers, the problems they face, how you will you go about solving them and then get started on that video.

Points To Ponder:

· Demonstrate the best aspects of your product.

· Converse clearly, so your audience can understand what you are saying.

· Add subtitles.

3. Social Media

Social media does not need any introduction. It’s unarguably the best way to showcase your organization’s personality and content. Your posts need to be strategic and switched up for different platforms. Moreover, social media provides businesses an effective platform to engage their audience. On LinkedIn and Google+, you can join groups and communities relevant to your niche and start discussions. On the other hand, Facebook is all about likes, shares and comments so make sure your posts are relevant, engaging and interesting enough for people to come and leave comments or likes.

When it comes to Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters. However, chats like #contentchat can really help in increasing your brand awareness. The idea is pretty simple! All of you need to hashtag the topic of discussion, while you ask or answer questions regarding the topic.

Points To Ponder:

· Spur discussions by asking your target audience a few questions.

· Create an engaging and interesting online chat by partnering with experts in your industry.

4. E-Books

An e-book does not necessarily have to be lengthy, as long as it adequately caters to the needs of your target audience. That said, it’s a great way to provide your website visitors important content and can be a valuable incentive to offer when you try to gain more email contacts. Remember, each page of the e-book should be useful and visually appealing.

Use bullet points and keep the sentences short to maintain a proper flow throughout the book. Apart from this, always back your statements with facts. You can use reputable quotes or statistics in this regard.

Points To Ponder:

· Offer it as an incentive to encourage your visitors to sign up for your email newsletter.

· Hire a designer to ensure your e-book is visually awesome.

5. Email Marketing

The power of email marketing should never be underestimated! When people sign up for your emails, it is likely that they want to hear from you. And that’s exactly what you do, but the content in your emails should contain useful information, so avoid sales spiels. You can use different types of content to email your customers, some of which include event invites, blog posts, exclusives, competitions and so on. To build your emailing list, you should implement signup tabs on your website and offer incentives such as e-books, special deals or discounts. This will build customer confidence!

Points To Ponder:

· Avoid hard selling.

· Implement signup forms in appropriate areas of your website and tell them why they should sign up.

· Content should be shareable and (of course) useful.

how to create content to get more sales for dummies/

6. Infographics

Infographics consist of numbers and statistics. They are a great way to get your point across quickly and (if designed well) they look appealing. An important thing you must remember is that infographics are all about telling a story. Therefore, when creating an infographic, carry out proper research to find the right story and stats you want to share with your audience. One of the most effective ways to get to know about the latest facts is conducting surveys.

Points To Ponder:

· Share it on social media, blogs and communities.

· Use powerful statistics and design.

· Always use recent facts!

7. Webinars

Webinars can be great for your content marketing campaign. So, invite potential customers, industry experts and clients to join you and start a discussion. There are so many things you can talk about. You could answer FAQs, give insights about your industry or discuss your products. However, don’t expect results to come your way while you are recording. So, do you want to know the secret to a successful webinar? It’s simple: All you need to do is create valuable content, record it and then share it on social media networks to reach a wider audience.

Points To Ponder:

· Plan out everything you want to discuss before you record.

· Invite as many people as you can to join.

· Share your webinar on your blog and social media after it’s completed.

8. Testimonials

Testimonials are a valuable tool in establishing trust and confidence. These success stories are a great way to build better understanding with your prospects as well as convince them that your products or services are totally worth their money and time. So, whenever you work with people, ask a few of them to rate the service provided by your business and feature their testimonials on your website. However, don’t take negative feedback to your heart. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to improve further by learning from your mistakes

Points To Ponder:

· Your testimonial should be positioned properly on your website, so that it’s easily visible.

· Always learn from negative feedback so don’t ignore it!

9. Press Releases

The main purpose of PRs is to build brand awareness, which is why content marketing perfectly fits here. If you want people to stay aware of your company’s latest events and happenings, creating a press release is one of the best ways to attract attention. Your press release could be about charity events, the awards you have won or you can even go for something outside the box.

Points To Ponder:

· Post them on PR websites and blogs as well as send to publications.

· Your press releases should be interesting to read.

10. Guest Posting

If you have just started your blog, chances are you have few or even no visitors. For blogging to be effective, you need to have readers and that’s exactly what guest posting will help you with. So, contact other bloggers in your niche and ask if you could write a guest post for them. If the blog is a popular one, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of people than you might have on your own site. And, if they find your content useful, it is probable that they will follow you.

Points To Ponder:

· You should link the guest post back to your website and blog.

· Provide your best content.

So, that’s about it! As you can see, content marketing has a lot of potential and promise for businesses. However, the process is an ongoing one and certainly not easy. If you think that posting a single blog post or newsletter in weeks will bring heaps of customers at your doorstep, it’s time you rethink your content marketing strategy, as it will take a lot of time, hard work and not to mention amazing content to get the desired results. So, follow the tips I have provided above and you will be able to create content to get more sales for your business.

I’d love to hear your feed back and any comments you have on how to create content to get more sales for dummies.

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