How To Engage Your Blog Audience

how to engage your blog audience

How can you encourage your blog readers to interact and engage with your blog more actively? This a question that is asked by a lot of bloggers when they are first starting out. And how to engage with your blog audience is a very important question.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of useful information out on the Internet that you will help your blog success with engagement from your audience, so we decided to put a post together that will help you get readers engaging with your blog.

You need to think of your blog as your central home online, and in order to get interaction from readers you need to think like a marketer. One of the best ways to promote your blog is to post frequently on your social network accounts, enabling open comments on your content and commenting on other blogs.
Don’t fall in the trap of chasing numbers

Do not fall in the trap of chasing numbers and losing track of the real substance of your blog. A lot of marketers get busy running after a large number of followers and fans, but ignore the crucial element to building and attracting a large community of supporters. And the fundamental element to building audience engagement is producing high quality content that will help your readers, providing content that will answer their questions and queries. Do this and you will engage and boost your business brand, blog and become to the go to expert online in your niche market.

As per a source of information given by Chartbeat in March 2014, 55% of the web visitors spend less than even fifteen seconds on a web page, actively. Therefore, it is imperative that you shift your thinking to more as a marketer from metrics that are influenced by page views and number of clicks, and begin to measuring the impact of the content you are producing. The true value of engaging your audience on your blog is about quality and not quantity.

Your audience is the base of your blog

Your targeted audience is the core foundation of your business blog and they are the sole reason you created your blog in the first place. It is important that you know and understand who is going to make up your target audience. You have to be aware of what your audience needs so you can help them through your blog medium. For example, if you are creating a Business-to-Business blog for small sized companies, then your blog should help those businesses to get more clients, leads and revenue.

Know your platform

You have to know where your target audience is hanging out online. Their preferred means of communications, as an example which social media platform do they spend most of their time. Is it facebook, twitter, linkedIn, pinterest, instagram or youtube? What country do they live in, what is the size of their family, what are their interests and likes, what type of work are they involved in, are they employees or employers, what are their hobbies, etc.

The more you know your target audience then our job as marketers is made so much easier because we can focus and customise our content strategy that suits the needs of the people we are trying to reach out to through our blog.

Get this right and it will definitely increase the potential for engaging your audience, successfully.

Cultural and personal preferences have remained unchanged even after social media has managed to alter the way societies communicate with each other. There is no blanket approach to engagement on social media. It all depends on the preferences of your target audience.

The crucial thing when you plan an engagement strategy on social media is to determine where the target market is placed and how they would like to communicate.

Use information to help yourself

There are several ways you can get useful information that will help you with your blogging. Analytical tools such as Clicky and Google Analytics are just the right place to begin when you want to look for quantitative data. You can also collect the best of insights from various sources like polls and surveys. Poll Daddy is a marvellous solution for this. It will enable you to conduct surveys without any additional expense. You can send these surveys to all the subscribers on your email list and followers of yours on social media platforms.

Another great option is to locate an online community or a forum where we guarantee you will find your target audience will be hanging out. A great additional resource is to search through your posts to locate existing content you have created that will be helpful to people in these forums and use this content to answer questions that are being asked.

Forums and online communities are also a great place to help you find future content to produce that will help with the engagement from your readers.

Tell your audience that you can help them

You have to tell your audience in no uncertain terms that you know how you can really help them. When a visitor comes to your blog, they should be able to immediately identify within no time how your blog can be helpful to them.

The content you produce should be easily identifiable by your target audience. To achieve this, you have to know what your visitors would be looking for. Chances are that people would be visiting your website if they feel that you have what they are seeking. In many cases, this would amount to whether your blog is in a position to answer all their questions and whether your blog can offer them great insights into something that they might be interested in.

That is why it is so critical to write to an audience that is interested in your subject matter, niche market.

For most industries, the web has become a market that is over saturated. This can make it tough to get noticed in the current market. What you need to do is find the gaps and fill those loop holes with valuable insight and useful information.

Content will rule over everything else

Content is king and is what matters in the end. The richer and deeper the content you produce the more satisfied your audience is likely to be. They will keep returning to your blog as a source they can trust. If your blog is treated as an add-on to your core website, it has to be giving the audience something more and much different than the core products and services of your web pages. It has to be something more exclusive and insightful.

The audience is not going to be interested in recap of what is available on the initial screen. They would be looking for deleted scenes and documentaries behind the scenes and, if possible, commentaries from the crew and cast of your business enterprise. If you are successful in doing this, you will be rewarded and your audience will be committed to your blog and all related web pages.

You will have to work hard on creating such a blog that will bring your readers back to your site. You can make use of user experience and when you want people to keep coming back to your blog, enhancing this user experience is extremely necessary. You can achieve this by delivering a message that is clear on the purpose of your blog’s existence and how it is likely to help your visitors.

You can get rid of all widgets or unnecessary badges that are not helping your visitors. You can also remove all those advertisements that are not performing desirably. You can keep your page navigation simple for the readers and move all those links that are not so important to the footer area. You can repair all the broken links and try to avoid WordPress plug-ins that are not necessary.

You need to be continuously updating content on your blog site, and focus on keywords that are relevant to the content you are producing and making sure those keywords are helping your blog getting ranked in the search engines.

If you have a blog that is slow on load time then there is a high chance web visitors will not hang around waiting for pages to load, so you much have a blog site that is loading fast. User experience will determine the success of how your blog audience will interact with your site.

Your content has to be something that the readers would find worth sharing with others

You have to be concerned about publishing the kind of content which people would be interested in sharing with others and telling the whole world about it. How can you improve on what you are publishing already?

You will have to spend more time in thinking about new ways of designing your blog posts. This hard work will pay off as it is likely to generate more visitors to your blog and you can earn links if you do this effectively. You can go about doing this by covering topics in more intricate detail than other similar posts found on the internet. You can use different and unique imagery.

Make sure that you are writing the correct headlines. It is the headlines that can make your content successful. Your headline cannot be treated lightly. It is a sort of a promise that you make to your reader and then you have to deliver that promise with the content that you produce. If your web content does not deliver on the promise that you make with your headlines, you may get your desired traffic but it will be the wrong type of audience.

It will be annoying to a web visitor to land on a page because of a captivating headline and then find the content within the article is not relevant to the topic headline. And this will not make a great first impression. Overcome this by easily writing about topics that you feel are newsworthy and you have to be the first to catch on to the new trends in the market. Looking out for catchy trends and being one of the first to write about them will be a sure shot way to engage your audience and make them grow at the same time. When you start reading larger publications regularly within your niche industry, you would be able to spot the new and catchy trends and you can easily publish them as a post.

Maintain consistency in your voice

Covering important news in your industry is not easy work. Bloggers need to have different styles to cover these kinds of news so that they will blend into your editorial blog and attract valuable readers and followers. You will have to make sure that your style of reporting the news stands out in the clutter of existing media. You can do this by tracking the news productively. To begin with, you will have to do trend tracking. Monitoring of trends will not be a wasted effort, particularly when you keep updating your blog. When you are among the first to share news with your social media followers and fans, it will pay off in a big way and it will bring in fast results.

Twitter is a good place to start to keep a productive track on trends. This social media website is highly flexible and you feel that you are in control of what you are seeing on this site. You can use Twitter lists and Tweet decks to be on top of all your industry news. You can create a Twitter list of those accounts which you feel will bring in hot news as they happen in your niche industry. You can also set up separate columns in the Tweet deck for activating pop-up alerts. Facebook is also a good playground to identify new trends. It is the best place to measure public opinion.

The coverage of the news has to be opinionated
While delivering news on hot trends, you have to be original with a flair for humor. You may invite some experts to share with you their opinion on the news that has just happened. Frequency of posting becomes an important factor when you are seeking to encourage audience engagement and when you want more interaction and comments from your visitors. If you go on publishing too frequently, many readers would not be able to keep up with you and the average volume of comments will drop. The length of the content has to be controlled as people would take a longer time to read elaborate content. You will have to find the right balance between the length of your content and also its frequency of publication. This will vary depending on your industry niche. There is nothing like a perfect balance or a shortcut formula.
Bring in variety to the publication of your content

Do not make your blog look boring. You can publish numerous kinds of content by including group interviews, infographics, videos and podcasts. By using various types of content while publishing, you will be able to expand your blog’s reach and tap into your target audience. For example, there are certain segments in audiences who prefer podcasts to content which is in written form.

You can involve your audience’s interaction by introducing calls to action and asking the right questions. You may ask questions in your emails or at the end of the blog posts. Finally, you will need to remember that the more helpful your blog is to your audience, the more goodwill it will create for you and make you a source of influence for them to come back to again and again.

Do you have any tips that you can share with our readers on how to engage your blog audience? If you do we’d love to hear from you. Sharing is caring.

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