How To Find Long Tail Keywords That Will Get You Ranked

how to find long tail keywords
How to find long tail keywords that will get you ranked and will help you increase traffic to your website, is onething but you need to know how to go about it the right way. Are you looking for ways to grow your website traffic? If so, then long tail keywords should be the focus for your organic search engine optimisation. But it is really important that you understand what are long tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that people type into the search engines when they are looking for a specific product or service. Genuinely speaking they are more likely to use when some is closer to wanting to make purchase. Long tail keywords are gold mine for your web traffic, if you know how to use them to traffic to your website.

The secret sauce ingredient is to publish content on a regular basis which is specifically directed around your long tail keywords research. This is a sure fire way to increase your web traffic, but I do want to confirm that this is not a over night success. This takes careful research, planning, implementation and time.

# How To Find Keywords

This is where we are going to focus a bit of our time on how to find keywords. A good tip for creating your content is to plan your content in advance, but more on that later. For this exercise, we are going to use google keyword planner.

Firstly let’s decide on a topic or niche market to complete our keyword research on. Ok, lets run with the keyword “wordpress”. So what we need to do is type just the keyword “wordpress” into google keyword planner. Then hit the big blue button to get ideas.

long tail keywords
Click on the keywords tab to show all the keywords relating to wordpress.
what are long tail keywords
What you need to do then is find keywords that are in demand and relevant to the initial keyword. In our example we started with “WordPress” and have now taken “WordPress For Beginners. From here we will expand our keyword research to find even longer tail keywords.

how to find long tail keywords
Take the keyword phrase “WordPress For Beginners” and find long tail keywords.

long tail keywords
The key here is to find at a minimum 20 long tail keywords. Then put them into an excel spread sheet. You can see from the example below the long tail keyword “WordPress Tutorials For Beginnners” has a average monthly search of 880 with low competition. Rinse and repeat.

long tail keywords
Now a great insider tip I read on Neil Patels blog was to use a site called Head on over to the Advertiser section.

how to find long tail keywords that will rank your website
Enter your long tail keyword into the box and click the green button to display the results.

what are long tail keywords
This can be a bit of hit and miss, but what we are discovering is how to do long tail keyword research. Rinse and repeat.

Now if I go back to our original keyword “WordPress” and drop that into 7 search, we are given some pretty interesting information.

what are long tail keywords
Here are the results.

best long tail keywords
Many complain that completing long tail keyword research is exceptionally time consuming. I would recommend you spend the time to find the long tail keywords for your content. Then write your content around the keywords, another great resource to assist with content creation is google analytics. What you need to do is use the long tail keywords in a variety of ways distributed throught our your content such as headlines and bullet points. This about geting more website visitors to your site.

SEO is not about optimizing for search engines, it’s about optimizing for humans – Dharmesh Shah

Hubspot quote the golden rule is to simply create good content, but sometimes we do get stuck for blogging ideas. And this really hasn’t changed. You want to build your website as an Authority within your niche market. Over time you will see a reach in your organic traffic by implementing long tail keywords, and writing content around those keywords. Write to solve a problem and half your battle is won.

Overall how to find long tail keywords will be a valuable benefit for your website and business. Essentially long tail keywords = LESS COMPETITION & MORE WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

How To Maximize Your Engagement

1. Write long tail key rich headlines.

2. Maximize internal linking to other content you have written on your blog.

3. Use trust link resources to authority sites.

4. Maximize content distribution through Social Media.

Ubersuggest: This simple tool will hack will provide different suggestion easy keywords and phrases that will help you with headline ideas. If you’re stuck on what to write about or the exact key phrase to target, Ubersuggest can help.

Watch how easy it is to find long tail keywords with Ubersuggest!

At the end of the day, the sole purpose of creating content around long tail keywords is to get organic traffic to your website and at the same time provide information and solutions to queries being made in the search engines. What strategies do you use with long tail keywords?

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