How To Get More Facebook Likes

how to get more facebook likes

Facebook has grown to lead the world of social networking. Anyone who can make their presence felt online can dominate their niche and gain a competitive advantage. The ultimate aim is to gain maximum exposure and reach an even greater number of customers every day. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page. Facebook likes are indicators of the number of people who know about your business. These numbers will also give you an estimate of what the market size for your products or services actually is. We have outlined below the best ways on how to get more Facebook likes.

Insert Searchable Data on your Facebook Page

In order to grow your Facebook following, it is essential to fill every part of your page with significant and related content that can be easily searched for by your target. All the data on your page gets indexed by search engines which helps immensely in boosting your SEO. Optimize every section of your page with relevant keywords for your business. The word here is ‘optimize’ and not ‘stuffing’!

For example, your Facebook page’s About section should include a quick overview of the offerings of your business, a link to your website, and other related information that can help boost prospects and generate leads for your business.

Incorporate Facebook Like Options on Your Blog or Website

Internet marketing works both ways; your online presence leads visitors to your landing page, and vice-versa. So a great way to boost Facebook likes is to incorporate a ‘Like’ button on your blog or website. Also, you should try to eliminate any barriers that may stop your existing contacts from liking your Facebook page. You can make use of your blog and website to attract likes on your Facebook page by integrating Facebook plug-ins on them. Through the plug-in, people can quickly like your page instead of searching for your page manually on Facebook. The Like Box is specially designed for Facebook Pages. It allows you to leverage the page outreach. Along with pictures of some of your followers, it displays the number of likes on your page.

Ask Your Facebook Friends to Like the Page

You many have many potential customers in your own social circle, but how will you get them to like your Facebook page? By inviting them to like your Facebook Page, of course!

The keyword here is to INVITE. Do it through email, Facebook, or in person. Also follow up on a weekly or monthly basis. Another way of getting your Facebook friends to like your page is by uploading list of your existing contacts. Whoever from that list is a Facebook user will find a suggestion to like your page under ‘Recommended Pages’ option. To update your email contact list on Facebook, go to ‘Build Audience’ menu and choose ‘Invite Email Contacts’. You can upload a total of 5000 contacts at one time and 7000 contacts in one day.

Ask Employees to Like the Page

Generally, people are expected to like pages that already have some kind of following. Employees are the ideal set of people to help you get your statistics growing because they are the most effective brand proponents. So get the company employees to like the official fan page and then encourage them to share and comment on posts. Additionally, employees can also include link to your Facebook Page in their email signatures or on their personal social media accounts.

Integrate Facebook in Offline Communication

You can also increase your Facebook likes by using the physical space that you have for your business. You can do so by:

· Placing stickers on windows with your Facebook Page’s link on them.

· Adding the Facebook URL on your office stationary. Why waste using this free space!

· Run a promotion where customers who like or ‘check-in’ with your business page, get to direct access to your business discount and freebies.

Additionally you can include your Facebook Page link on printed flyers, ads, coupons, business cards, catalogs, and even T-shirts etc.

Promote your FB Page on Twitter and LinkedIn

Add link of your Facebook Page on your business’s official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and to your own personal accounts too. Sporadically, you can tweet about your Facebook page to persuade your Twitter and LinkedIn connections to stay in touch with you on Facebook as well. Alternatively you can add your Twitter link to Facebook page. This should not be just restricted to Facebook or twitter, but you can use any and every social media platform that you use for cross-promotion. But never spam your audiences in pursuit of getting more likes. All your social media engagement should be strategic.

Post Valuable Content

When you start treating your fans like real people, you will post quality content. The idea is about how you create and share content and how you interact with your fans. You need to build a good relationship with your followers. If you share high quality, relevant and helpful posts, then they are more likely to remember your Facebook page. If you don’t know what quality content is, simply get in line with the taste of your customers. You can do a little research yourself by observing Facebook posts that make you hit the Like button. Notice the layout of such amazing posts and use that to guide your future posts.

Maintain an Active Presence

If you think you have worked enough on profile optimization and now you can leave your page to grow on auto-pilot, you are so wrong! Increasing your Facebook likes is an ongoing process that requires you to be attentive and active at all times. You need to be interactive with all those who pose questions on your page. You need to solve problems and create solutions for your fans. Along similar lines, find others in your industry and interact with them to build your own community worth following.

Expand your Reach through Facebook Ads

What better way to expand your outreach toward the right kind of audience than Facebook ads? If you have the budget, then you should definitely avail the option and turn your fans into customers. These ads appear in people’s newsfeed or in the ad area on the right side of their home page. This is a tried and tested technique to reach to new fans.

Quick Facts to Remember While Posting On Your Facebook Page

Posting sparingly

Posting frequently allows you to be more visible on your fans’ timelines. Your chances of being overlooked or skimmed-over get reduced. You have to develop a distinct kind of tone- funny, sarcastic, formal, satirical (according to the nature of your business) so that people notice your posts. Once they start relating to your tone, they will look out for your page name on their newsfeed. However, you need to maintain a balance in the number of posts that you make per day so that you don’t end up clogging people’s newsfeed.

Visual Details Attract More

People are likely to click on a post if it appeals to them visually. Pictures and videos stand out from text-based posts, and people remember them for longer period of time. You can further enhance the appeal of your pictures and videos with catchy one-liners. Also, you could tag people on these posts to gain greater number of likes on your posts.

Keeping it Simple

Remember that people are reluctant to read long, wordy posts on the internet. They are lazy and want entertainment. Adapt to this tendency, give people what they want and watch how likes will pour in. Give people short descriptions about interesting and unique happening around your brand and they are more likely to pay heed.

Initiate Interaction

By getting involved with your followers through post discussions and asking them interactive questions, you will get to know about what they want and need. This will help you further plan out your future posts and increase likes. Again, remember to keep the questions fun, interesting and short. Lengthy or repetitive questions in your posts are likely to get little or no likes.

Liking Other People’s Posts

If you come across a post of another business that can be potentially good for your brand, then don’t think twice before liking it. You may even comment if the need be. This will expand your outreach. Fans of that page will be able to relate to your comment and would go on to like your page too.

You can develop a bond with other page admins by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts. This will not only increase likes on your own page but will also pave way for you to initiate a conversation with the page admin and possibly request them to share your page with their followers.

Time Your Posts Strategically

Keep a check on how many people appear online in your friend list and at what time of the day. This will help you analyze a good time to update your posts. Same goes for days. If you have a national rugby match on Sunday, chances are there will be less people using Facebook and more people out enjoying the game. Thus, you should avoid posting anything during that day or the time slot when you know people are busy elsewhere.

Poaching Fans

While your competitors are busy making money and ignoring people who are commenting on their Facebook posts, you could literally steal all those fans! If you notice a big brand that runs a similar business to yours but never responds to the questions that are asked by the fans, then you can take time out and reach them with your solutions. Add a link to your own Facebook page to attract those visitors. Once you get hold of them, you can offer discounts and freebies to keep the likes coming in.

Run a Contest for Fans

You can hold a contest and only fans could be allowed to take part in it. So whoever would want to take part in the contest will have to like the page. The prize can vary according to the nature of your business. Try to keep the prize as attractive as possible so that more and more people sign up for the contest. Keep the contest communicative and engaging so that people feel a part of it and share it with their friends.

Facebook Insights

By using the Facebook Insights, you can analyze the efficiency, performance, and progress of your Facebook page. The metrics are like a gold mine of data. They give you two types of data; User Insights and Interaction Insights.

User Insights tell you details like how many new likes you received in a week, the total number fans that you have gathered, the number of daily active users, demographics, number of page views, and media consumption. Interaction Insights focuses on details like day to day story feedbacks of per post impressions and daily page activity- discussions, reviews, wall posts, mentions and video posts. It would be a mistake on your part not to use these features to your advantage.

Watch Out For:

Monthly fan size growth- Keep a track for the spikes in fan growth and try to identify factors that causes them.

Average number of likes/comments- This allows you to see which posts have been popular with the users and which have not, allowing you to change your content strategy immediately.

Attrition rate and Unlikes-Watch out for the un-subscribers on your page. A small number is nothing to worry about, but if those numbers are increasing, then maybe you need to reconsider your strategy.

Mentions- Your top most goal should be to take this curve upwards because every time your page is tagged in on a post, it becomes easier for others to like and search the page manually.

Referrers- This allows you to know the source of your traffic so you can increase the coverage of your page on those sites.

So there you have it our top tips on how to get more facebook likes. Do you have anything you can add to the equasion?


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