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Do you use Twitter to drive traffic to your website or blog? If not then you are missing out on a lot of traffic that you can divert to your website and blog, that will make it stand out like a Rock Star!

Just take a look at these numbers, and these are current as at the 30th June 2015:

As at the 30th June 2015, Twitter

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.31.30 am

That’s 316 million monthly users, 500 million tweets per day, 80% of users are on mobile devices, they employ 4100 around the world. So you can’t tell me that Twitter is not an insane platform to use to drive traffic to your website and blog.

So how do you get more traffic using Twitter?

Here are our top 10 golden nuggets to put you in the picture:

# 1. It all starts with your Twitter profile. You need to incorporate a header which is going to stand out in the crowd, a professional profile picture. Plus a bio about you or your business. Now the bio unfortunately limits you to only 160 characters, so where possible incorporate a keyword to help you get found on Twitter.

how to set up your twitter profile

# 2. Use video, it is more engaging and you are not limited to Twitter character restriction of 140.

And it is like so easy to do;

You can either use your iphone or android mobile device. You will need to download the Twitter app and sign into your Twitter account.

use twitter to drive traffic to your website

This really is a great way to grow your business.

# 3. Pictures paint a thousand words, and you can load up to 4 images per tweet. Use visuals that resonate with the actual tweet and rotate these. Tweets with images out perform Tweets that don’t use any visuals whatsoever.

# 4. Would you have even considered using Twitter as a search engine? Bet you didn’t even know Twitter was a search engine. Well anyway it is. And it’s a gold mine. Twitter allows you to set up lists, but you can also search these lists. And this is how you do it!

Take the url below and paste it into google

“ inurl:lists “

As an example if I wanted to find lists in a niche market of blogging, I would type into google

“ inurl:lists blogging and look at the results below:

how to find twitter lists

This allows you to find and source the top bloggers in your niche and connect with them of Twitter, allowing your Tweets to get in front of their audience. Not a bad little traffic hack if you ask me.

# 5. Periscope. If you are not using Periscope now is the time to jump on board. This is a great app that allows you to live stream video on Twitter. So I guess you may ask, well how can this be beneficial for my business?

Consider these key points:

 You can instantly share your thoughts and ideas to your audience.

 You can provide live training rather than a pre-recorded video training.

 Instantly provide motivational quotes.

 Provide tips and advice in your niche market.

 Customer support on the go.

 Announce a new product or service for your business.

# 6. Use hashtags. Yes I know you know what a hash tag is. But did you know that you can create a specific hash tag for your website or blog? So in my example I could specifically create and use or #myfamousblog, get my drift. This is a really great, basically if anyone tweets using your hashtag, what do you think is going to happen? It will show up in the feed for that hashtag search. This can generate more interest in your blog, and more traffic to your site. And this is about getting as much traffic to our website and blog from Twitter that we can siphen.

# 7. Use @mentions. A mention is how you include Twitter users’ @usernames. They are a way you can send a tweet directly to followers, customers, or anyone on Twitter.

You can use @mentions in a number of ways.

If your blog post comments on prominent bloggers, companies or customers – mention them in a tweet that links back to your post. Not only will they appreciate the mention, but it might just get your tweet retweeted to their followers too. Bazinga more traffic.

# 8. Ask for a retweet. There is no point in being shy. If you don’t ask you don’t get. The key to be successful with this tactic. Is if you see someone has asked for a retweet then do them the courtesy and retweet. In return you get the same favour back.

# 9. Incorporate Humour into your tweets. Have fun, all work and no play is not engaging. People are attracted to things that are funny.

# 10. Twitter Search Engine, I mentioned earlier in this post that Twitter itself is a search engine. And this feature can be used to your business advantage.

>Search for names of people you wish to connect with, do a keyword search in your niche business or market, search for news and topics that are trending. And then connect and follow, then engage.

how to get more followers on twitter

And the last golden nugget is to use Twitter Advertising. Now I mention this a lot, that it is really important to measure the return on your marketing investment dollar. And this goes for advertising on Twitter as well. I would strongly recommend that you set up a goal in your google analytics to test the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing campaigns.

You need to firstly define what is your business objective.

Is it to grow your followers? website clicks and conversions? tweet engagement? or discover new leads

          Twitter has a solution for what ever the objective is, and again it is pretty affordable.

  And here is our best tip when it comes to driving traffic to your website and blog using Twitter. I want you to stop and think like a news room for a minute. Just follow where I’m going with this. Think about how many times you will hear the same news report, whether it is on the radio as you are driving your car, watching tv, surfing the internet or through social media channels. You will hear the same news report repeated over and over again over a 24 hour period.

So what happens in the case of Twitter. The majority of businesses Tweet once and that’s it. I’m like are you kidding me. Do as the news rooms do and retweet your Tweet at 6 different times during the day. And you can use a number of Social sharing platforms to do this. We use hootsuite and schedule out the same Tweet to be released at different time intervals during the course of the day and night. This is a no brainer and hardly anyone is doing this.

So my friends there you have it our top tips on how to get more traffic using twitter.

Do you have any techiques or strategies that you can share which we have not addressed? If so we’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to tweet, tweet and tweet.


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