Discover how to get people to subscribe to your email list.

how to grow your email marketing list

Are you having difficulty getting  people to subscribe to your email list.?

If you are, then this post has been written just for you.

So how do you get people to subscribe to your email list? It really isn’t that hard, it does take time but once you master the following steps you are well on your way.

All of the money that you will make online with your internet business is in your email list, so you need to follow these simple steps.

Here are our top 10 tips on how to get people to subscribe to your email list:

  1. Think about the number of emails you write a day. The emails you write are a valuable piece of real estate. Simply put a clear call to action into your email signature. Use a great headline such as “Discover my top 10 secrets to make money online” and place a link to your landing page, home page of your website, or blog post.
  2. Your social media platforms are also another great online asset that a lot of people forget to take advantage of. Think about your bio on your personal facebook page, facebook business page, twitter bio, youtube channel, linkedIn and instragam just to name a few. Make your you have a link to the page you are trying to promote.
  3. Include a signup button on your facebook business page and redirect to what it is you are promoting. Try some of these examples of clear calls to action buttons on your face book business page:There is a limited number of button options though.
    • Book Now
    • Contact Us
    • Use App
    • Play Game
    • Shop Now
    • Sign Up
    • Watch Video 

    4. So many bloggers forget this one, that it’s insane. Include an opt in form at the bottom of every blog post that you write. Aweber is a great tool if you are just starting out online, and they have great forms that you can simply copy the code and paste into wordpress. Below is a sample of an opt in form created in Aweber.

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5. You will notice all the current top bloggers these days using pop ups on their blogs. They work like an overlay when a visitor arrives at your site a pop will appear, much like an over lay asking your visitor to sign up for something (take a course of action). That could to obtain free pdf report, a short video course, a webinar, or  sign up for regular blog updates.

Here are a few examples of the types of wordpress plug in you can you to capture your website visitors:

All of the above are must tools if you are serious about growing your email marketing list.

One note though be careful about the amount of information you ask your subscribers to complete.

The below example is just too much.

how to grow your email list

6. Creating fresh content on your blog. I know this can be very time consuming but if you are not pushing out fresh content at least on a weekly basis you will not be reward by the google god, they pretty much will consider your site as stale if you are not providing content on your subject matter. When creating fresh content make sure you complete due diligence on choosing the right keywords to promote the content you are writing about.

7. Another great strategy is to make sure you have links to your offers that capture email signups. Make it easy for your website visitors to find these offers. Clear call to actions directing your website traffic specific pages such as your main home page, blog roll, about us page, and directly to the offers.

8. Have you considered creating a youtube channel? Not only is youtube a wonderful traffic source, you can include clear calls to actions on your videos and in your link descriptions.

9. Promote offers and email sign-up through your Google+ Page by making use of your Google+ updates and your Google+ “About” section.

10. We have saved the best for last. The most critical thing you need to have in place to grow your email list is landing pages. How to design a landing page is another blog all on it’s own. This video by instapages explains exactly what a landing page is:

You can access Instant pages here


There are many ways that you can get people to subscribe to your email list and we hope the 10 that we have shared will help you with your email list growth. If you have any others that you would like to share with please leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Another tip make sure you link in your author bio at the end of your blog 🙂

how to grow your email list

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