How To Grow Your Internet Business

how to grow your internet business

It’s the million dollar question I get asked all the time by my students. How to grow your Internet Business? and quite frankly it’s a great question.
It’s a no brainer that forecasts indicate that ecommerce is exploding, and growing all the time. Think about this for a minute. When you leave the house what are the 2 essential items that you always take with you. Car keys and mobile phone or tablet. Given that cash is king no more, we are a society moving away from cash and using debit and credit transactions or online payments. So what does this mean if you are venturing into starting an Internet Business? It means now is the perfect time for startups to firmly establish their online stores and businesses. There are numerous tactics for nurturing a new online business. If you’re just getting started, now’s the perfect time to make sure all the elements for your online success are in place.
Before you get over excited and jump into your new venture, you need to understand how to grow your internet business and the fundamentals that you need to have in place to make sure you are successful.
How To Grow Your Internet Business Success Plan
#1.  Discover a profitable niche market online. It all begins here. This is where people are already spending money online. And believe me there are literally thousands of niche markets to choose from. I explain this in more detail in the video below:

You need to carefully target your online audience. It’s all about Supply and demand. Simply put find where people are looking for answers online and provide them with the solutions.

# 2.  Once you have decided on your Niche Market you are going to need to register your Domain Name. “Your Domain Name is the name of your online business like mine,” When it comes to choosing your Domain name I don’t want you to get bent all out of shape. Keep this process simple:

Follow the guidelines detailed below:

  • Make it Easy to Type. Finding a domain name that’s easy to type is critical to online success.
  • Keep it Short. If your domain name is long and complex, you risk web searchers mistyping or spelling it incorrectly.
  • Use Keywords In Your Domain Name.
  • Target Your Area.
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphens.
  • Be Memorable.
  • Research It.

# 3. You will need a Hosting Account of some description. Now I personally use and recommend Bluehost. Simply because when I first started out in this industry I had no techy skills, and I MEAN no techy skills whatsoever. Bluehost made the whole process of getting up and running online with my website very quick and easy. I would recommend that you use Bluehost to register your Domain Name as this is free when signing up with Bluehost. And you don’t need to worry about changing your domain name servers.

# 4. Website creation. What’s the one thing you gotta have if you want to build anything online? Ummm a website. Obviously. This little slice of cyber-real estate is the home of your Internet Business. It’s where people will come to get to know more about you, interact with you, and if you do it right, buy your products or services 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping. Image having a business that works whilst you sleep. Doesn’t that sound ah-maze-ing? But in order to do that, you’re going to need a website. You don’t have to fork out a ton of cash to get one! All you need are the right tools…and maybe a few tutorials. I have all this covered over at my youtube channel and it’s FREE. You can access this training below. Simply subscribe to my channel.

how to grow your internet business

# 5. Now that we have our website set up. The next thing we need is our online arsenal so we can capture those all important online leads. This is how we build our list of email subscribers. In order to capture your online leads you must ensure that you have the ability for people leave their name and email addresses in exchange for a high converting offer such as an Ebook, White Paper, Short Video Course, Podcast etc. And do this you will need a really cool tool known as an autoresponder. In our business we use aweber and here’s why:

# Easily Create Sign Up Forms

# Animate Your Sign Up Form

# Split Test Your Sign Up Forms

# Flexible, Responsive Design Templates.

# 6. Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic. This will now be your primary focus to drive a crazy amount of traffic to your landing page. Now there are two types of traffic that can be used. Paid and organic.

Search engine optimization and inbound marketing is great for traffic generation, but the traffic isn’t instant it takes time to get up and going. If you are looking for immediate traffic that is highly targeted you should look into paid traffic.

We are going to focus on 4 platforms for paid advertising. While there are several paid traffic advertising networks available, that you can use to drive traffic to your website.


Facebook advertising provides you with a platform to introduce your Internet Business to the more than 1 billion users currently using Facebook. The majority of Facebook users are on Facebook on a daily basis. This gives your Internet Business a huge targeted audience to promote to. In addition Facebook also allows you target your advertising to a well profiled audience.


Twitter’s great for driving conversations with your followers. But how do you turn those conversations into actions that impact your business? Create a Website Card and showcase your website content within a Tweet to get users more interested in your business. These campaigns help drive the right audience to your website to increase on-site conversion.

Yahoo – Bing Advertising

The Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN) is a popular Paid Per Click option that allows you to target the majority of the search market that isn’t using Google. Keywords that can be very expensive on Google’s AdWords platform will usually be much more affordable on the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords can provide a massive amount of traffic, why? Because Google is the largest search engine (67 percent of the market share). If you need a lot of traffic AdWords is your ticket. But bear in mind that you need to have a good marketing budget to compete on the keywords to drive traffic to your site. This will also vary dependant on what Niche Market your Internet Business is in.

Organic Traffic​

Organic search results are the web pages which are listed and are matched to the users search query generall based on relevance. This is also know as natural search results. Ranking your website organically is not an overnight success it takes time to build your ranking within the search engines. But we have put together a comprehensive mind map to help you to start ranking now.

Download Your Free Copy Of

How To Get Traffic Without Google

# 7. Build Your List. All the money that you make with your Internet Business will be in your list. Now one of the biggest mistakes being made, is Internet Marketers try to start selling straight away to their list. But this is what you do not do. First you must build your relationships with your subscribers, this is done over a period of time. Generally speaking a connection is made about the 7th time you have communicated. Here is a great article which explains the 7 pillars of connecting with people.  A must read, and will greatly help you with your Internet Business.

# 8. Start email marketing to list. Word of caution if you are promoting affliate products, purchase them first yourself to ensure they are of high quality and something your list will be interested in.

Conclusion…………. There you have it my friends how to grow your Internet Business. Got anything to add please do let me know below ???? Cheers Kim self confessed Internet Business and Marketing Addict!

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