How to Grow Your Social Media Following

how to grow your social media following

At some point or another, every social media marketer asks this question: “How do I grow my social media following?” This question is valid, as the more followers your social media accounts have, the more people get to know about your brand, consequently resulting in more sales. However, as simple as it may seem, increasing your fan base is a difficult task.

Yes, when you actively make use of social media for your business, it’s quite easy to run out of ideas from time to time. Also, if you are looking to engage with your followers on a more authentic and engaging level, it can be even trickier to come up with content ideas. So, how can you effectively connect with your followers?

Keeping this problem in mind, I have come up with a list of 45 useful ideas regarding what you can share on social media, including both business-related posts and personal posts. Now, you might wonder, what good would connecting with your followers on a personal level do? Well, the answer to this is simple: People buy from people! After all, customers will always prefer doing business with a company they know, trust and like. I know I would and it’s most probable that you would too.

So let’s take a look at how to grow your social media following in more depth.

Ideas to Grow Your Social Media Following

So, here are 45 ideas on how to grow your social media following. Use a combination of these ideas and observe how your social media following grows immensely:

1. Customer testimonials or success stories.

2. Quotes that are positive and encouraging (positive messages will get you more shares as compared to negative ones).

3. Contests always work effectively for growing your followers.

4. Helpful tips to succeed at something.

5. Introduce yourself – Share a few things about yourself and ask your followers to do the same!

6. If there is a particular product or service you do not offer, recommend the businesses that do.

7. Humor – Who doesn’t love to laugh?

8. Personal opinions – You can bolster engagement when your audience knows you are a real person with real views.

9. Get your employees to post something. Though they are usually not involved with social media, it’s a good way to give your business a more human face.

10. Industry news relevant to your audience.

11. Facing a particular problem or issue? Ask your audience for input!

12. Movie or book suggestions.

13. Videos that will interest your audience.

14. Exclusive business tips that will help your audience.

15. Attractive deals and offers – Do you know this is the #1 reason why people like a particular business/brand on Facebook?

16. A video or photo of your working space.

17. Photos of parties and events whether it’s personal or work.

18. Let your audience ask you anything by holding a Q & A session (do remember to answer them!)

19. Use a poll to gather ideas and opinions from your audience.

20. Ask your followers’ questions, even something as random as “What’s your favorite food?”

21. Share inspiring content (it’s amongst the most shared types of content on social media).

22. Let your audience know you are listening by sharing their content.

23. How did you start your business? Share a summary, who knows, you might just encourage somebody!

24. Make predictions! Not only are these posts popular, but they also help in establishing you as a thought leader in your niche.

25. Links to content written by others – While sharing content is extremely important, you shouldn’t only share your own.

26. Current events – Ask your audience about their views on a particular breaking news story.

27. Add a more personal touch to your messages by posting a brief audio clip.

28. Share your views and thoughts about an industry event or conference.

29. Crowdsourcing – Ask your followers for ideas on your next product or how you can improve as a business.

30. Set straight common myths and misconceptions in your niche.

31. Share social media posts made by others and ensure you tag them in your post.

32. Advice on a particular topic or problem (it can be someone else’s too).

33. Behind-the-scene photos of your business and its employees.

34. Recommendations about a particular product or service.

35. Fill-in-the-blank posts are hard to ignore, as they trigger the creative side of people.

36. Converse! Share your personal views on an issue and ask your audience about their outlook.

37. Tips for tools or technology that could benefit your audience.

38. Keep your audience updated about your travel schedule, who knows you might even come across some of your fans.

39. Infographics are highly engaging (make sure you credit the source).

40. What is the biggest need/problem of your followers? You can offer advice or create a product or service to cater to it.

41. Share your candid thoughts and ask your audience to do so as well.

42. Recommend other businesses or people your audience can follow or like (and of course benefit from).

43. Share some facts or information about a customer (with their permission) – it’s fun!

44. Share personal news – Getting married? A big move? Spread the happiness by letting your followers know.

45. Last, but not the least, thank your followers and fans for being a part of your business and your life.

6 Ways to Attract More Social Media Followers & Fans

Lead generation is undoubtedly the biggest benefit for businesses maintaining a presence on social media. However, to effectively generate leads, you need to create a following. It’s quite simple, the more followers and fans you have, the wider your reach. And while the ideas mentioned above will play a huge part in increasing your social media following, here are 5 ways to attract more followers and fans on your social media accounts. So, let’s dive in and take a look at each of them to know better:

1. Optimize Your Social Media Presence

First and foremost, your presence on social media needs to be optimized. Therefore, make sure your social media accounts are complete with brief and clear descriptions about your business, company logo and website’s URL. You want people to know absolutely everything about your business as it drives customer loyalty. Additionally, you must have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Considering the fact that search engines now feature social media updates in their search results, you also need to optimize your posts with appropriate keywords, so that your updates are found in the search results.

2. Promote Your Social Media Presence

Promote your presence everywhere, and by that I mean everywhere. You can feature your social media URL on your blog and website, but it is also advised you include it on your business cards, advertisements and storefront signage. You can even do so in your email marketing messages! Furthermore, several social media sites provide “follow” buttons that can be incorporated on your blog and website. Make sure you use these buttons, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on any valuable visitors.

3. Share Valuable Content

While promoting your presence is important, it is not good enough to convince people that you are worth following. So, it’s imperative you make sure your posts consist of engaging, useful and valuable content. Avoid content that is focused solely on the product and do not make sales pitch to your followers. Instead you should come up with updates that are educational as they have a higher potential to attract more followers and fans. Remember, people on social media follow brands because they are searching for something helpful, not to hear you blabbing about how awesome your products and services are.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons

You are providing your audience valuable content, but the job is not done yet. They will not be able to share it on their own, neither will it appear on their social media accounts magically. So, do not forget to add social sharing buttons to your blogs, articles, email messages, eBooks, and so on. By doing so, not only will your audience be able to share your content, but it will also improve your chances of reaching a wider audience.

5. Offer Incentives for New Followers & Fans

According to a research, more than 58% of Facebook users look forward to special offers and deals from business pages. You can make your presence a must-follow by offering exclusive offers and promotions available only to your social media fans

6. Interact With Your Audience

This is just as important as sharing valuable content regularly. You simply cannot create a presence worth following without interacting with your followers and fans on a regular basis. Therefore, be engaging, have discussions and ask questions, and of course do not forget to answer theirs!

Final Words

Growing your social media following is no easy task. It takes time and patience, but if you dedicatedly follow the ideas and steps mentioned in this article you will definitely experience significant results in no time. However, that’s not the only thing that needs to be stressed here. The number of followers you have and the level of interaction you have with them go hand to hand with each other. Yet, I have often come across people who determine their success solely on the basis of the number of followers they have.

That’s a big error! And if you believe the same, you are highly mistaken about the true purpose of social media, my friend. Sure, a following is needed for people to become aware of your business and its message, but they do not follow you without any reason, do they? Therefore, it’s important that you interact with them on a regular basis, because if you do not, it may appear to you that you have loads of “likes” or “followers” from a distance, but in reality you do not have half as many ears to hear your message, which is just as good as not having any followers at all!

Do you have anything that can be added that will help on how to grow your social media followings. We’d love to hear from ya ????

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