How To Improve Your Local Listing On Google Maps

how to improve your local listing on google maps

Is your business struggling to get found on google? If so, here are a few things you can do to outrank your competition in the local listings.

  1. Visit and sign up for a free business listing. You will need to have a Gmail to improve your local listing on google maps
  2. Make sure you define what type of business listing you are creating. Is your business a local business or place. Once you have verified your page, the business listing will be updated to include a local Google+ page, and will also be found on google maps in your local area.
  3. Make sure that all your business information is included such as your correct business name, contact details, address, hours your business is open and on what days.  It is important to use the same phone number and address that is on your website.
  4. You must ensure that you complete the business description and let people know exactly what products and services you provide. This will be found when you start to add categories to your business listing.
  5. Reviews are a great way to boost and improve your listing. Make sure you only ask clients that are satisfied with your products and services to leave a review. Also, it is good business practice to acknowledge and thank people who have left your business a review on google.
  6. Embed your Google business listing on your website.
  7. Put high-quality images of your staff on your Google business listing, also include images of the inside and outside of your business premises.
  8. Incorporate images of local features of your area to attract new visitors.
  9. Connect your social media accounts to your business listing.
  10. Connect your website to your google analytics accounts to get insights on how your local listing is doing.

how to improve your local listing on google maps

Once you start collecting reviews for your business listing on Google, you will see a significant improvement in ranking on google local search.

You can also consider using google adwords to promote your business in your local area and region.

Do you have any tips that you can share of how you have improved your local business listing on google maps?

We hope our tips on how to improve your local listing on google maps will help you rank better.

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