How to take your passion of blogging to the next level and discover how to make money blogging.

blogging for money

You will know so many people from family members, friends, work colleagues and where you work who now has a blog of some description on the internet. But how many of them are actually making money from blogging? Good question.

I remember when I first started out with blogging, I literally set up several websites in different niche markets and started banging out all this content. But I soon discovered that all the time I spent writing on the different blogs became very time consuming and I wasn’t getting a financial return on my time and energy. Meaning I really had no idea about how to make money blogging.

So it was time to rethink my strategy. I needed to identify what I was doing wrong, and the first thing that came to mind was I had too many blog websites. My focus and writing efforts needed to be in one area and that passion was and still is today teaching people not only how to create a blog website, drive traffic and convert visitors into paying clients, but more importantly sharing my journey along the way. Because truthfully it hasn’t all been a bed of roses, as some internet marketers make out.

I had challenges and some really big ones to overcome. I had to sell my offline business, move country with my family and pets, working full time, redesign my entire website and continue to find a work and life balance. Always remembering my objective was to make money from blogging. I am now seeing the rewards for my efforts.

Another thing I took on board was picking a few of the elite bloggers in the world who are actually making money from blogging such as Neil Patel, Brian Clark and Blogger Pro. Consider it like have your on mentor or coach online. These bloggers have a wealth of information for free and I love reading their content.

Now many of you will question yourselves, can I do this? Yes you can, but it will take a lot of frustration, blood, sweat and I will also guarantee a lot of tears. Speaking from experience. So lets step the process out so you have a guide to help you with how you can make money from blogging:

  1. Audience

For some of you this is going to be obvious, for others it won’t. You need to know your audience, what are you writing about and who are you blogging for? If you don’t know or understand this you will not be able to monetize your blog site.

Give your readers the information they are looking for. To help you find your audience use google analytics it’s a free tool and provides you with a wealth of information. You can get all the training you need for free from google. The courses provided are quite in depth, or alternative is try

Those big name bloggers who make money from blogging do so, because they put the time and effort into understanding who their audience is, create the content the audience is looking for and they drive traffic to their blog websites.

2. Advertising and Google Adsense

Yes, the truth is you will need to have an advertising budget in place. Now don’t think you need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising to drive traffic to  your website. Start how small and as you to begin to make money with your blog reinvest half of the return back into your advertising budget.

You can try out google adwords, twitter ads, facebook ads, instagram ads, snap chat  or create your own youtube channel, just a few to mention. Don’t dive in head first. Advertising is about test and measuring to see which platform provides you with the results you are looking for. That means having a marketing plan in place.

You may have visited a few websites that look like the lights of Vegas, this is not what you want your blog to look like. The best way to start out making money from your blog, is to sign up to google adsense. (It’s free)

how to make money from your blog

Sign up for free or you can sign in with an existing account. Then follow the simple steps to get you up and running.

3. Lead Generation

Lead generation is another way through search terms and keywords you attract web traffic to your blog site using some form of lead generation and you convert those leads into clients by getting them to leave their name and email address. That’s the basic overview.

  • Create a lead magnet that can be in the form of a white paper, ebook, short video course, blog, or webinar. The industry leaders on lead magnets is hubspot.
  • On your lead magnet page you will have a signup for and in order for your visitor to gain access to the lead magnet and they must leave their name and email address.
  • The web visitor is then added to your email list of subscribers and you then communicate valuable content to them together with access to your premium courses and affiliate products and services.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to make money from blogging is to set affiliate websites in different niche markets.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, don’t do what I did and set up multiple sites and simply starting banging out content. Pick an affiliate niche market that is going to have legs and focus your efforts on that site.

It goes without saying that are the industry leaders when it comes to finding a niche website to build. And the beauty of the amazon associates program is you don’t need to go through the waiting process as you do with google adsense. With Amazon Associates, you can get referral links, display ads, and even offer an Amazon-based shopping cart for your readers. How cool is that?

blogging for money

You can also access products and services to promote from Share A Sale and

The only thing I will say, is don’t promote products and services if wouldn’t be prepared to purchase it yourself. It will be a sure fire way to end up with disgruntled clients.

Another great platform to consider using if you want to set up an ecommerce store is

You will also need to consider obtaining good reviews using Amazon. Don’t short cut and get fake reviews the penalties are just not worth it.

5. Product and Services

If you have products and services of your own you can promote, then this is another way that you can generate money from your blog. Or if you haven’t created your own product or service find out what your niche market is looking for and go ahead and create it. I can show you how


Blogging for money is a game changer for you, and it can be done. Your readers are more than happy to support you. I will point out again, don’t make the same mistake I did and try to set up to many niche websites at once. Find what is missing in your market place, do your research and add your passion and start blogging for money.


This video explains how you can discover your competitions keywords. Hope it helps, and I’d love to hear your success stories about turning your blog into a profit machine.


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blogging for money

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