How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

how to make money with affiliate marketing
How to make money with affiliate marketing is not a new topic in the internet marketing world, or the how to make money online niche. Haven’t you ever noticed when you visit your favourite website only to be presented with a huge banner telling you to buy a certain product? If yes, you simply witnessed an instance of affiliate marketing. The website owners are making money through this mode, and you will be surprised to know you can too. Yes, affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers and website owners to earn money online, and it is perhaps one of the best ways to do so. Now that you are pumped up and ready to unleash your brain and time on the internet to start earning money, you should know a little about affiliate marketing before you jump headfirst into it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting another product, service or software on your website or blog. In return, you get a fee for your services depending on the volume of traffic you bring for their business. So, for example, you have a popular blog that gets thousands of visitors per month, you can sign up for affiliate marketing with any business you know is willing to allow you to market their product, service or software and can earn a commission on the number of sales you help make.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to earn money online, since you do not really need to own a product to start selling. However, many people make the mistake of assuming that affiliate marketing is an easy game to play, and step into the water without testing the depths. Therefore, it is important to know a few things before you jump into how to make money with affiliate marketing and, if you are wondering what are the best ways to earn through affiliate marketing, read on for a comprehensive overview of how to start your own affiliate program.

So What Do I Need To Start My Own Affiliate-Marketing Program?

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and good blogging skills. That is about it, and you can become a successful affiliate-marketing guru soon. Yes, we definitely make it look simple, and true, it will take a lot of effort on your part to reach a level where people actually consider you for affiliation. Your blogging skills are the most important aspect that will help you achieve your goals. Keep in mind that only the best bloggers are able to make money through this method, so you will have to be nothing short of the best in the field to stand tall.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, it is important to make sure your blog is worth marketing a product on. No company or individual would market their product on a website that has a meager hundred or maybe a few thousand visitors a month. Your blog needs to be popular and must generate enough traffic to attract sellers who are looking to sell their products to a huge audience. So naturally, the first step is to increase the traffic on your blog and improve its worth as well.

Let us take a closer look at how to increase your blog’s value:

Maintain Your Blog’s Quality

Many people start blogs and forums with the hopes of making money through affiliate marketing, but they tend to forget that without a huge traffic base, it is not possible to land an affiliate marketer. This is also why many people fail in the process. You need to keep in mind that your blog needs to be high quality so your visitors have reason to come back to your blog regularly. For this, your blog needs to focus on something specific and have a niche. If you are not focused on the content of your blog, chances are you are going to fail when it comes satisfying the visitors you drive to your blog or website.

Quality is something many bloggers ignore once traffic starts to increase. Quality will be the eventual deciding factor in the number of people who visit your blog, so never compromise on it. Make sure you are consistent with your posting and do not spam your audience with content they may not want to read. Always weigh your posts and base your next piece of content on the feedback you receive from your audience. Post more of what works and less of what does not fare well with your readers.

Share Your Blog

Once you know your blog is worth it and the content you post is of the highest quality according to the feedback you receive from customers, it is your job to share your work with as many people as you can. Sharing your content with people once is not enough, so utilize all social websites and other platforms to get as much traffic to your blog as is possible. Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get the word out to new and existing visitors.

Optimize With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to increase traffic and your blog’s worth as well. SEO helps increase your blog’s visibility on Google, so when someone searches for a keyword, your blog will be on the first page of the search results. This automatically generates a lot more traffic, so it is important to use SEO on your website

Make a Mailing List

Many bloggers under estimate the importance of a mailing list. When people subscribe to your newsletter, it is an indication that they like your blog and content. A mailing list will help you retain your most loyal and devoted customers. Without a mailing list, many of your visitors might not know there is a new post on your blog. However, when you send an email informing them about new content on your website, you nullify the risk of losing customers

Use Visuals

A lesser-known secret of turning your blog into a popular one is the use of visuals. Adding visuals to your post will help you increase visitor engagement and help them connect with your stories. Words can have a powerful impact on people, no doubt, but with images, info-graphics, etc, you can multiply the effect on the people who read your blogs. Images have a way of telling the story that words cannot emulate, so use visuals to add appeal to your blog and augment the interest people may have in your blog.

Use Videos

Just like visuals, videos can have a better impact on your visitors as well. Many people prefer to watch a video than read an article on their favourite subject. So, for example, if it is possible for you to make a video on your next topic, do not hesitate to do so and upload it on your blog, because it will give your visitors a new found reason to visit your blog more often.

Great work, so far, if you have managed to do all the above on your blog. So, what is the next step? Turning your blog into a source of income is the next step. However, you need to find the right affiliate product to promote and it is really important to understand what is a niche market prior to choosing a particular product, service or software to promote.

The Successful Affiliate Marketing Technique

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn an extra income online, but if you take the wrong approach, things might not work out for you. Our recommendation to help you be successful with Affiliate Marketing is to choose a product, service or software that is in your niche market. You will be less successful if you try to promote a product, service or software that is not related to your blog or website and this could be off-putting. If you have no connection to the product you are marketing on your website, making money will be difficult. Therefore, this takes us to the first lesson on finding affiliate marketing opportunities

Pick a Product to Sell

For the sake of argument, we will assume your blog is sports-related. This means almost all of your posts talk about what is happening in the sporting world or your analysis of a game that recently took place. Promoting a lawnmower on your blog wouldn’t make much sense, which means you really need to be careful about the product you choose to be an affiliate marketer for. Selling sports apparel and products would make more sense, so you need to be precise about your choices.

Selling unrelated products will not fare well with your target audience and consumer. If your blog greets your visitors with a persistent lingerie ad, half your audience will feel stupid. Make sure you choose the right products to promote, and you will build more value for your blog over time, and of course be more successful as an affiliate marketer.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Blog to Promote the Product

When you have a successful blog or website, chances are you are highly active on social media platforms as well. Hence, once you have selected a product to promote, do not limit it to your blog for promotion. Your target is to sell as much as you can of the product, service or software you are promoting as possible, so use your social media presence and your email list to spread the word. The more people you target, the more sales you can make equals the higher about of affiliate commission you will be paid.

Product, Services And Software Reviews

Affiliate marketing is not as simple as posting an ad on your blog and waiting for people to buy the product you are promoting. One of the best ways to get traction with your promoting is to Product, Service or Software Reviews,do this well and you receive high commission for the sales. It will take a certain amount of hard work on your part. I recommend dedicated a whole blog post to the product, service or software and a great idea is to back this with a demonstration. This will help people to see the product’s worth and will eventually lead to more sales for you as the affiliate marketer.

Once your customers visit the post and read what the product is about and how it can benefit them, you bring them closer to sealing the deal. Customers can make better informed decisions once they have more knowledge about any product, service or software, so helping them learn about the product through a written review with images and video, you are going to get sales across the line and earn the commission you deserve.

1. Choose a Few Main Products/Services to Focus On
2. Promote These Main Products Prominently
3. Collect Email Addresses Aggressively
4. Promote Through an Autoresponder Sequence
5. Don’t Rely on Banner Ads 
6. Publish Product Reviews 
7. Publish Tutorials That Focus on Specific Products
8. Work Affiliate Links into Your Posts
9. Promote Your Key Posts That Include Affiliate Links
10. Ask for a Higher Commission

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Keep a Track of Your Affiliate Program

Keep a regular track of your marketing campaigns and measure the success of each product. Many products will do better than others, and some might fail completely. Do not lose your will if this happens though, for every campaign will get you closer to a better opportunity the next time. Measure everything, from which page on the website gets visited most often, to which product sells the best. Your website will help you in determining these figures, so measure them for each campaign and repeat what works best, and eliminate the factors that did not help. This can easily be achieve with google analytics.

Research the Product before Selling

This is another important aspect of becoming a successful affiliate marketing guru. It may be possible that the product you have been approached for is in line with your blog’s theme and content, but it is also possible the product quality is below par. In that case, if your customers end up buying the product and are unsatisfied with the experience, your future campaigns might not get the success you hope for. Your audience will lose trust in the products you are marketing, so it is necessary for you to conduct research on the product before starting a campaign for it. My recommendation before you promote any product, service or software is to use it first yourself. If its great promote, if its not don’t bother.

Where To Find Affiliate Products, Services & Software To Promote

There are many affiliate programs to be found online, you can check out Commission Junction, Linkshare, Shareasale, Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo or simply type your niche marketing + affiliate program into google to find products, services and software to promote on your blog and website.

Affiliate marketing is a source of income for many bloggers and websites around the world. Hundreds and thousands of people sit in the comfort of their homes, managing a website and earning through affiliate marketing programs. With the tips and techniques given above, you can start earning on your own no matter where you are, and even make affiliate marketing your primary source of income. All you need is to invest your time and abilities into it and you can become a successful affiliate marketer!

Have you been successful with Affiliate Marketing? If so, what do you promote and how?

how to make money with affiliate marketing

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