How To Promote Your Blog Like A Bad Ass

So you have a blog, and I  bet you want to know how to promote your blog? I’m sure you are writing epic content on a daily basis. But where are all your email subscribers? I want to share with you how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers. This article will help you on how to promote your blog the right way.

Firstly you need to identify why are you blogging, and more importantly creating content? Well the answer is simple really. You are wanting to build your email marketing list. Now it is imperative that you understand that all the money you make with your online will be in your list. So it is critical to be constantly building your list through many mediums and blogging is a great way. Firstly you are creating content for your particular niche market, secondly you are distributing and promoting this content. So there is no difference between a subscriber to your blog or your email list. They pretty much are one in the same thing.

You must have the mindset that you want to monetize your blog and make money from it. You must treat your blog as a business blog, a tool that will give you a return on your investment. But at the same time you should have fun blogging as well.

I want you to understand that your blog is a traffic strategy, it makes up part of your Online Business Model. It is a way to build your online authority and drive leads into your sales funnel. People are searching for information all the time on the Internet. You just need to make sure your site is right there on page 1 to answer the search term or queries.

You need to make your content engaging, inspirational, exciting but most importantly if you can focus on the”How To” information for your target audience and you will get the traffic, followed by the subscribers.

There are 3 essential elements on how to promote your blog:

# You need a high, and I mean high and professional lead magnet.

# You need a well designed squeeze page/landing page.

# You need to have a clear call to action. Optin to your funnel.


What is a lead magnet? Simply your lead magnet is something you give away for free to people who sign up to your squeeze page or landing page. This could be a checklist, so in our case we could create a pdf document titled “HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST 1000 SUBSCRIBERS TO YOUR BLOG” or you could create a short video course, white paper report, short audio course, cheat sheets, and or tool kits. But is must satisfy the need of your target audience. Again back to the “How To” information. You are giving your audienc something they want, something that is going to help them. It’s the reason they will sign up. Because they want the information.

Prime examples of lead magnets and landing pages:

Social Media Examiner



One of the best tools online to build your squeeze pages is optimize press 2.

Now just as critical as it is to have a high converting lead magnet, and a high converting squeeze page. The next element is where should these be placed on your blog. Well there are several options.

# Side widget bar.

# At the end of each blog post you write.

# Pop up optin. These greatly increase your optin rate.

​The design of your blog also has a great impact on how to promote your blog. A busy design with too many bells and whistles is exceptionally distracting for your readers. Keep it simple and clean. You need to make the layout of your posts easy for your readers to digest. Many people these days skim read content.

​A basic design for your blog layout should include these fundamentals:

# Heading – Make sure you include the keyword/s you are trying to rank for.

# Sub headings.

# Bullet points.

​# Paragraphs.

# Different font styles such as bold, italic and underline to highlight important points.

# Inbound linking to content from your blog that is relevant to the article you writing.

# Images, infographics, videos (use the correct alt text).​

# Clear call to action.

# Quote references from Industry Experts in your niche.

# ​Share other bloggers content to grow your engagement.

Steps to promoting your Blog Posts:

​You have 2 options either paid or free traffic. We want you to get instant results so our efforts for this article will be paid traffic.

Again I must stress that you need to measure the return on your advertising dollar to make sure you are getting the desired results. Each platform I mention will be significantly different, the variances will be your niche market, your budget, the design of your landing pages together with your high converting offer.

Remember the idea is to drive all the traffic to your landing page.

how to promote your blog

# Facebook

how to promote your blog like a bad ass

# Google Adwords

google adwords

# Youtube Advertising

youtube advertising

# LinkedIn

# Email marketing

email marketing

# Twitter

twitter marketing
As I mentioned the results from each platform will vary.

The biggest mistake I see most sme (small medium enterprises) make is they don’t leverage the existing content they have. They will write a blog and then move onto the next. If you spend so much time writing epic content, then why not leverage this. Here are some examples of how you can leverage and repurpose this content to get more traffic.

# Turn the article into a presentation either with powerpoint or keynote and submit it to slidesharing sites.

# Record the presentation and syndicate to different video sharing platforms.

# Turn it into an article or pdf document and submit to directories.

#​ Take the audio file from your recording and use it as a podcast.

​# Turn the content into a press release.

# Turn it into a webinar or create a google hangout.

​Consider blogger outreach. Let me outline this:

# Comment on other blogs within your niche

# Accept guest postings

# ​Do a weekly round up of the top bloggers in your niche and mention them within the post.

# If you have create a great piece of content, contact other bloggers to see if they would be interested in posting your article on their blog. Please do not spam other bloggers.

Finally share on your Social Media Platforms. And another great piece of advice is to make sure you include a link to blog site in your email signature. Just think of the number of emails you send each day. Why miss an opportunity.

Lastly don’t forget offline promotion such as printing on your business cards, letterhead and brochures.

These are simple but effective ways on how to promote your blog. Do you have any epic ways to help others promote their blog? If so we’d love to hear from ya.

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