How To Start A Blog In 2015

how to start a blog 2015

Do you want to start a blog in 2015, but are not quite sure what to do? That’s why I decided to write a post about how to start a blog in 2015. This article is not a guide with step-by-step instructions to start a blog, but rather it highlights some important things and tips on how you should go about blogging in this competitive landscape. There is no doubt about the fact that blogging opens up numerous opportunities. Heck, it can even enable you to generate an income up to six figures. However, to reap the benefits blogging offers, it’s imperative that you do it right. So, read on to and allow me to explain.

Why Should You Start a Blog?

Here, I am talking to all of you who are keen on starting a blog this year. If you are among those people, here are a few reasons why starting a blog is a good for your Web Business:

# 1. Blogs are Inexpensive to Run

It’s affordable to run a blog and some are even free, such as ones hosted on, but we do not recommend its use. That’s because it looks amateurish and gives off the impression you are blogging just for fun, which is alright if you are. However, if you want people to take you and your web business seriously and buy from you (if you are selling anything) you should go for a self-hosted blog, preferably on It will cost you approximately around $100 a year.

# 2. You Can Make Mistakes

Yes, a blog is perhaps the only place where you can make all sorts of mistakes without everybody getting to know about them. Since you are just starting off, only a few people will be aware of what you are doing, giving you the opportunity to fail a couple or more times and learn from your mistakes.

# 3. You Can Make Changes on Your Own

Not satisfied with your current direction? No problem, add the required information in your tagline, ‘About’ page and take your content in the direction you desire. At this point, you do not have millions of followers, so it’s all good. You can let your blog evolve with you.

# 4. You Do Not Have to Invest In Expensive Branding & Design

Quite clearly, you will still need time to determine what you are offering to your readers. Therefore, it would be unnecessary to invest in expensive branding and design. Installing a decent free theme is more than enough, or you could get a premium theme if you want to take it a step further.

If you do want to invest in a really good Theme then we recommend and use Thrive Themes.

# 5. You Will Be Rewarded

As you create quality content which will be useful for people, your blog will be linked by readers and other bloggers. Thus, Google will reward you with an improved search engine ranking, consequently resulting in social media recognition as well. Just a further tip make sure you have Social Media sharing buttons on your blog site.

Know the Basics

Let’s say that food is something which interests you. You are a big foodie, great cook and keen on using this subject to connect with people. So, you start a blog about it, but now what? Well, there are many people who decide to blog. However, it’s the endless expectations they set for themselves which prevents them from going any further. Therefore, here are two of the biggest myths that prevent people from blogging debunked:

Myth #1: “Publish Content Everyday”

Let’s face it: you are not Social Media Examiner, Mashable or Huffington Post. You do not have a huge team at your disposal to create content for you, your followers are next to none, and you are yet to find something feasible to stick to. Not to mention you have a job and family to tend to as well. So, there is actually no point in coming up with content every day. Not saying that quantity is not important, it is, but only when you have a large number of followers reading your content every day. Therefore, until you gain a large reader base, one blog post a week is more than enough to get you optimum results.

Myth 2: “You Need to Become a Popular Blogger”

You probably are following the thought leaders and influencers in your industry and you can follow those from other niches as well. However, you must understand clearly that you do not need to be like them and neither do you need large audiences. Since you have just started, your job is to find out what you want to do, test those ideas to determine their profitability, and attract a decent number of readers. That’s all you need to worry about now.

Where to Begin?

Now that we are on the same page, let’s move ahead. So, you don’t know where to begin your blogging efforts? Here are a few handy tips that will help you get started and go about blogging effectively:

1. Use a Professional Theme

You really do not need to get a designer to make your blog look professional when you can do so by investing in a premium theme. Furthermore, do not use distracting or flashy graphics and avoid using more than 2 colors. Remember, your main aim is to get new visitors to focus on your content and become subscribers.

2. Come Up With a Blog Title
When we are looking for inspiration for blog title we use 2 tools. They are or topic generator. These are great tools, so make sure you book mark them. Also ensure you use the keywords in your Blog Headline and url link.

3. Craft a Good Tagline

Since your tagline will play a major role in convincing your audience to care, make sure you take your time and put all your thought into it. You can always go with a tagline that’s creative, but even if a tagline clearly depicts what is on offer to people, it’s more than enough. However, it’s imperative that your tagline is original!

4. Brainstorm Topic Ideas and Categorize Them

So, your blog is finally up and running. Next up, you will need to figure out what are you going to write about. The best way of doing so is by listing down on a piece of paper the ideas you feel you can write about. You can brainstorm ideas, and look at current blogs in your niche market for inspiration. However, for the latter, I mean to look at other blogs for ideas and not to “COPY” their content! By doing so, you will be prepared well enough before you write your blogs.

5. Learn How to Write on the Web

While you look for content ideas for your blog posts, also pay attention to the way popular bloggers are writing. Remember, you are not writing collaterals or academic essays, so it’s important that you be yourself when you write. Write just the way you talk. Be real and infuse your writing with your individuality.

Additionally, you should know how to format your blog posts for the web. They must be screen-friendly, so only use short sentences and break up your paragraphs. You can even use numbered lists, images, italics, bold, images and sub-headings to break up thick blocks of text. Try including loads of white space to make your blog posts easy on the eyes.

6. Use Social Media

When you are confident about your blog posts, particularly about writing them, it’s time to gain even more attention by using social media. You really do not need to be active on every social media site out there, as one or two are more than enough to get the attention you need. There are several sites, such as Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, but it’s Facebook for most people. It doesn’t matter which site you use, as long as you consistently build your presence.

7. Pay Attention to Your About Page

When people will visit your blog for the first time, obviously they would want to know who you are. Therefore, you need to come up with a good ‘About’ page. However, here comes the tricky part: You are yet to find out how you are going to help people, so how and what will you write on the about page?

Well, honesty is the best policy, and that’s exactly what you need to follow. Tell them your story, your passion, the difficulties you have encountered, as well as all the awesome things you have accomplished in life. Also talk about your intention to help people with this blog. Such messages always resonate with the readers, and believe me, they will follow you.

8. Collect Email Addresses (If Running a Business)

If you are running a business online, do not forget to collect email addresses and build your emailing list. Ask people to become email subscribers from the day you start blogging. More importantly here is a great tip. Include a sign up form on each blog you post. You might not always attract people from your ideal target audience, but no need to worry. Just think of this as practice. And practice makes perfect.
So there you have it. How to start a blog in 2015. Do you have tips, tricks or advice you could share with our community. If you do please share, we’d love to hear from you ????

how to start a blog 2015

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