How to use Buzz Sumo for Content Creation

Content is the main focus of any strategy connected with digital marketing. Content creation is for the purpose of education, searching, conversion or links. The main object of purposeful content is to motivate awareness of any business brand. A substantial method of measuring awareness is by means of evaluating a specific text or images that are part of content that attracts a sizeable volume of visitors. This could be done by using Google Analytics. Besides Google Analytics, there are several other means which influence the attraction of new visitors. Two things that come first to the mind are links and shares on social media channels. Both these methods could bring in heavy traffic to a website.

When you compose or create content for your website to bring about awareness of your business brand, there is a tool that you could use but you may not be fully aware of it. It is BuzzSumo.

We have dedicated this post specifically on how to use buzzsumo for content creation.

What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is a software program that is web-based. It searches the internet for all content that is based on specific search queries and it gives you data that will blow your mind. It is nothing less than a secret weapon for content creation that you can use to know more about what is buzzing in your niche industry and market place. It is a revolutionary tool which helps you create and learn about content that is related with search engine optimization options, pay-per-click advertising methods and anything else you can possibly imagine that is connected with the world of internet marketing.

What does BuzzSumo do?

There are five major ways of getting valuable information through BuzzSumo:-

  1. Top Content – This will give you content which is most popular in relation with your selected keywords and domains.
  2. Article Sharers – This will give you a demonstration of how people are sharing a particular article on Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels within the first couple of days after it gets published.
  3. Top Influencers – This gives you an idea of the main people and articles that influence the subject of your choice or selection.
  4. Shared Links – This gives you a comprehensive list of all links that are shared by key influencers you choose.
  5. Average Shares – This gives you an average volume of shares about the content which has been published on your selected subject or topic in the last half year from a specific domain.

Where do you start with BuzzSumo?

As far as content creation goes, what idea is likely to work best? Three important specific areas come to mind. 

  • Content Discovery – Digging out content is not an easy job. Various customizable services such as `Feedly’ are not simple to use, people do not have that much time to sit around and read news stories or articles. Various sites republish similar stuff and you have to know what articles are going to be worth reading and you have to do it in quick time. BuzzSumo comes in handy here and makes it simple for you.

All you need to do is to enter a specific topic in the field allotted for search. For example, you may select PPC if it is your area of business and you can filter results with the use of a list of content types marked on the left hand side. BuzzSumo will also give you a brief summary of all social shares for every article pointed out. This kind of information can be arranged and then sorted by each social media channel and we recommend that you use a spreadsheet to export the information you gather, this will be handy for intelligence later.

This strategy will give you a fair idea of what kinds of stories are being circulated on the internet through the social media channels. This becomes a reliable indication for anything that could be worth reading. If something attracts your attention, you may click on the article button that is placed underneath the content that is taken from the dashboard of BuzzSumo, to the right of the article. Identification of content which is worth reading is one of the biggest strengths of BuzzSumo.

You can also try to pick up on selected themes of the titles of the content. After going through several searches, you may observe themes that appear typically in the top few results for your chosen set of key phrases and keywords. When you notice this, you can develop ideas on subjects that content themes may be performing at their best. You can use such themes to make up your own ideas and do some brainstorming with your marketing team.

  • Identification of major influencers – This is a useful feature to identify who is worth paying attention to by assessing the social influence exerted by various innovative thinkers in your niche industry. Just like you search for any content by using specific keywords, you can use the same technique for identifying influencers. You will be interested to know that you get a default view which will not necessarily give you the rank of people with the highest influence or organizations that are right at the top. At the same time, the default view will not give you the least influential people tagged at the bottom. The position of influence is dependent on various metrics. They will run from the left of the dashboard to the right towards the right hand side of an organizations’ or a person’s profile.

This feature provided by BuzzSumo is very useful as it identifies substantial movers and shakers in your particular business industry. You will be able to evaluate social influence exerted by various individuals. This can be done when you enter their Twitter handle and filter your desired results by category like journalists or bloggers, regular people or organizations.

You have to make a note that reporting of influencers and its functionality is probably limited to Twitter as a social media channel. Feature concerning `users that share’ in the reports of content discovery is also limited to tweets. It is possible that data or content that is shared on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ could be lost.

When you uncover few influencers, you will be able to observe patterns about which individual appears most number of times when you click on the button that says, `View Sharers’. You can make a note of such people and seek out ways of engaging with these individuals as they may be relevant to your niche business and they will be highly instrumental in sharing the content that you are creating.

You can make a list of influencers on Twitter who regularly share content that is relevant to your niche business. You can then contact these people and check out on whether they would be open to share the content which you are also creating.

  • Research of other websites – The third major strength offered by BuzzSumo is its researching tool. Almost all companies today are involved in various forms of content marketing but they are not sure whether it is working for them or not. BuzzSumo allows you to assess the raw information about the content published by a particular website. It not only shows you how the content is successful from the point of view of a social perspective but it also enables you to identify hot trends or patterns of articles that had a big influence on any particular moments. This is an important tool for all people involved with content marketing who are looking to diversify the nature of their content and expand their reach of the articles they may publish in the future.

BuzzSumo is one useful tool which offers you a good deal of information and at a rapid rate. It saves you considerable time when you have to search for the right content and identify relevant and hot stories. It also allows you to identify important people within your niche industry. It is a type of a quantitative approach to answer questions such as `what will be a good content to read on a specific website or a hot subject currently?’

Before you start using BuzzSumo and its important features, it is wise to do some research on your own so that you will not be relying blindly on formatted content ideas or those ideas that may not be crucial to your website. You have to formulate a secondary list of objectives that will help you set the right context for what you want to achieve.

These secondary goals could be

  • An understanding of what is really working well in your niche industry.
  • Learning what your competition is doing that is making them strike it big in your industry.
  • Learning about those social networks that will be important for your business to target.

Your search when you start using BuzzSumo will be based on two factors. The first will be search that is keyword based and the second will be search that is domain based. We use both these types of searches but the domain type of search will be rather limited as client competitors may not be doing so well as far as content creation is concerned. So, as far as domain searching goes, there is not so much left for BuzzSumo to find for you.

How do you do keyword based search with BuzzSumo?

You have to begin by searching for selected searches that are keyword-based. You have to be aware of the important difference between keywords that are commercial and those that are content driven. If you are in the travel business, for example, your travel client may be making it a habit to target keywords like luxury holidays, premium holidays and luxury destinations for honeymooners. When you place these keywords into BuzzSumo, it will return back with results but you have to measure the usefulness of the content that it has come back with against keywords that could be content driven, such as luxury travel guides, best destinations for honeymooners and best places for getting married overseas. The keywords that are not commercial in nature may not be highlighted by BuzzSumo. It may return back results to you with content that is created after using selected keywords and not service or product pages that list out holiday destinations you are looking for. You have to remember that BuzzSumo does an effective job of filtering those pages that are wholly focused on selling services and products but it may leave out a few that may be important to you. So, you have to be mentally alert and add your own specific excursions.

Use Quotation Marks if necessary

You can use the search features of BuzzSumo with the use of quotation marks and that narrows down your results considerably. You can also keep an eye open for that domain that appears the most on the search when you use quotation marks. After selected search, you will begin to observe that domains keep appearing based on certain keywords or quotation marks.

For example, if a luxury travel article appears several times in your top results, the first thing you can do is to mark this domain so that it can be used to do intensive research in the future. Another thing that you have to remember is that a particular domain may have a decent volume of audience based on the consistency of the social shares that it is getting across various posts. It indicates that this particular domain will be important for your business and for you to explore in detail and seek to build up a relationship with the domain or run a marketing campaign with the owners of this domain.

You can dive deeper into a list of such domains and check out their content. You can also build relationships with the domain owners to help you promote your specific content in the future.

You have to remember that as you can run through a set of keywords through BuzzSumo, you can also run a set of domains through it and explore the content that is shared the most on that particular domain. This is very useful when you are doing an intensive search into various domains that keep appearing in the keyword research of yours. It will also allow you to take a closer look at your competitors and you will be able to learn from them if they are doing anything significant in your niche industry.

Do you use Buzzsumo to help you discover new content ideas for your blog or website? If so how much success have you had? We’d love to hear from you!


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