How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Web Business


LinkedIn is one of the most untapped resources available to help you grow your web business. Most website owners really focus on the cool kids on the block such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Totally side lining LinkedIn. And I really can’t get my head around why the majority of you would want to miss out on the power of LinkedIn to grow your web business.

LinkedIn is a superior platform and if you are focused on getting paying clientele, then LinkedIn is the most serious place where you can network, grow your leads, publish your content and build your credibility as being a thought leaders in your industry and profession.

There are so many advantages to using LinkedIn for the growth of your business, so let’s look at why you should be tapping into this Professional network.

1. You spend a lot of time producing online content mostly on your blog site. You them distribute via social media and other online communication channels. But did you know that LinkedIn has its own publishing platform “LinkedIn Pulse” now it has been widely rolled out to existing LinkedIn members and in the beginning only a select few were invited to publish on the platform. It is now available for most members. Point here if you haven’t signed up to LinkedIn, then put it on your to do list! So what I am pointing out is take your existing blog content and publish it on “LinkedIn Pulse” The benefits are enormous, your existing connections are notified once you have published your post, this then allows for comments, likes, shares and subscription to your content. Helping you grow your profile on LinkedIn. We would also recommend that you include your bio at the end of each post with photo, this just helps put a name to the face and build your credibility.

Also make sure that you include the meta keywords at the end of each post you produce. This will help your content get found.

LinkedIn are now just in the process of rolling out a further addition to “LinkedIn Publishing” and that is long form posts.

2. What content to publish. Just as with blogging, the content that you produce should be specific to your target audience. So if your website is about WordPress, then blog about WordPress. Consider providing tips, recommendations, instructions and tutorials as an example. People do look on the “LinkedIn Publishing” platform for information. Consider, LinkedIn as a search engine for professionals.

3. Network with other professionals in your industry and profession. How can this be helpful to your web business? If you want to get in front of the gurus, then this strategy is going to help your business immensely. Take the time to comment, like, share and follow the influencers, inclusive of sharing their content. This is a sure fire way to get noticed and build your relationships with those you wish to impress. The long term benefit is that you can approach these influencers to promote your products and services to their lists, or a joint venture project.

4. LinkedIn Groups. Join groups that are industry and profession related. This is not about randomly picking a bunch of groups and signing up. You will need to research these groups and the key things you are looking for are: the size of group, whether the group is run by an adminstrator, what type of content is being shared in the group, is the group being spammed with links, do the participants in the group interact with questions and answers, can you message other group members and how active is the group.

Now LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups, but in all honesty this would be just too much to manage. Try a few out. The best thing about joining LinkedIn Groups is it allows you to grow your network on LinkedIn faster, and it is shown that your profile is likely to get a higher view ranking.

Once you have found the right groups to join, remember the key is to interact, network and be helpful and respond to questions.

5. LinkedIn Profile. You must have your LinkedIn profile set up well and more importantly is must be professional. Remember LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and as with anything that you put online first impressions are lasting impressions.

Below is an example of my LinkedIn Profile

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.06.22 pm

You will see that there is a profile image of me, putting a face to the name. My area of expertises, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing (inclusion of keywords to help me get found on the LinkedIn platform), clear call to action (contact me to grow your biz), the category (marketing and advertising) together with my current position.

6. Making new connections. LinkedIn will recommend people you should connect with based on your existing connections. But in my situation previously in the area of conveyancing law, a lot of my connections were in law, real estate and finance. But since my expertise have changed my focus is more on small – medium enterprises, people who are interested in social media marketing and advertising, internet marketing, web design etc. In saying that you also don’t want to limit the connections you make, because every connection you make on LinkedIn grows your network.

LinkedIn has it’s own messaging system, which is not how you want to connect with someone. The best way is to draft your own personal message. Here is an example of how you could go about it:

Hi (name) I found you on LinkedIn and see that we have a lot of common industry interest and expertises.

I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn, and if all goes well look at having the opportunity of doing business together.

Wishing you success with your business.

Kind regards (Name)

By drafting your own personal message to make a connection it is more than likely to give you a higher response rate.

And once someone has connected with you, take it to the next level and reply to them with a “Thankyou”

So we hope that we have given you an insight on how to use LinkedIn to grow your web business. LinkedIn is a platform that you don’t want to overlook. As with anything don’t expect to see instant results, but you will see results if you interact on a daily basis not only using the “LinkedIn Publishin” platform but using LinkedIn’s power to network online.

LinkedIn is another great resource that you can use to drive traffic to your website!

Let us know how you can on!


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