How To Use Twitters Periscope

how to use twitters periscope

Wondering what Twitter Periscope is about and why we are talking about it on a marketing blog?

Twitter periscope is an app that lets you stream live videos. It is owned by Twitter and enables users to watch and share live videos on their personal devices.

This live streaming app is not just any app for leisure, but has a great potential to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. You might be wondering how Periscope is different from Instagram or Vine and both these Social Media Platforms also allow users to record videos and post them online.

Basically, Periscope is different in its own right because it allows users to stream videos of what they are doing at that very moment. It gives you access to the events happening around the globe. You could either choose to watch a hiker on top of the Alps or you could switch to the protest taking place in India. Periscope allows you to save the video broadcasts for 24 hours once you are done viewing them.

Deciding to watch or broadcast

You’ve got two options to choose from. Either you can choose to become the broadcaster or enjoy what is already being broadcasted, in other words you can choose to be the spectator or create something for other spectators.

This depends on whether you want to learn or you want to help others learn. If you choose to be a learner you have a diverse array of things to take knowledge from. Periscope lets you experience the world as if you are there in every location. It has an interactive interface where you can initiate interaction with the broadcaster by asking questions and giving them feedback.

For broadcasters, it’s a unique chance to share their stories and experiences with the world and get to know their opinion about it. Going live is just a click away on Periscope. As soon as you go live, your audience is notified so that you are able to connect with people as if you are meeting them in person.

Getting Started With Periscope

Periscope is available for both Android and iOS users. If you’ve got the option to make a selection from Android or iOS, you should opt for iOS because Periscope for iOS is more developed and refined.

Register Yourself

In order to use Periscope, you need register yourself. That is too obvious to be stated but there is a catch. To be able to select the username of your choice during the registration process, you need to get yourself registered as soon as possible before that particular username is taken up by somebody else. So it’s kind of a race for your favorite name!

Also remember to use uppercase for every new word that you’ll write in your username, as this allows more readability and the followers are likely to remember it easily.

Once you are into your Periscope account, you have the option to either sign in with Twitter or use your own personal phone number. Choices are always great but what can be a better choice than syncing your Twitter account with your Periscope account? Dah!

You are at the liberty to add all of your Twitter accounts on your phone and once done you can sign in to your Periscope account with whichever Twitter account you want. You also have the freedom to create more than one Periscope account.

On the other hand, if you decide against signing up with your Twitter account and want to do it with your phone number, here is how you can do it:

· Open the log-in screen and simply click the option to register with phone number.

· Fill in all the required data and initiate a confirmation code request.

· Upon receiving an SMS with your code, fill it in the prompt.

· Wait to be redirected to the page where you can begin setting up your profile.

Setting Up your Periscope Username

If you are syncing your Twitter and Periscope account, you don’t necessarily have to use your Twitter username. You are free to create a new username for Periscope and you should avail this great opportunity to make your profile stand out.

If you are confused about whether to use your personal username or your company username, then by all means and methods you should use your own name. Why? Because,

a) You need to create an online presence and maintain it since you’re living in a very tech-savvy era.

b) Your company name would be getting an edge when you will be talking about it under your own name. You will be adding a personal touch to your company name.

At the end of the day whatever you choose to do just remember that this is the ideal moment to get yourself a suitable username. You might not be getting this chance again. And as mentioned above, keep every word in your username starting with Caps on. This will ensure that it is identifiable and legible for the audience.

Your Periscope Homepage

Basically, you are allowed to do three things on your Periscope homepage: Watch, Broadcast, and search people. The television icon represents your original homepage.

What Happens Next?

When you would first see the Periscope homepage, you are likely to see an empty screen with zero live followers and zero recent broadcasts. But this is nothing to worry about. Once you start getting know how, you will see that number increasing. Periscope will allow you to view live streaming of people whom you follow and you can check out what they have posted in the past 24 hours.

Maintaining your Periscope Profile

In order to decide how your profile will appear to others, simply tap on the people tab on the bottom right corner, followed by your profile tab. This will show you how your profile may appear to others. Upon tapping on the edit key you can give your profile a complete makeover. You can change your profile picture, your screen name and your bio. A great way to market through your Periscope bio is to enter a link in it. Your viewers won’t be able to click it but it’s worth putting it in there. People are likely to remember and come back to it.

How else can you make your Periscope experience worthwhile?

You can see who follows you and follow them too to initiate a two-way interaction. Alternately, you can un-follow somebody if you want. You are free to block profiles of people you don’t want to see and lastly you can stroll around in your broadcast replays and choose what you want to do with it.

Want to avoid some profiles so that they don’t see what you post? Periscope gives you the option to disconnect a profile from your account by giving you the option to block them. When you block a certain profile, it stops you and them both from viewing each other’s broadcasts, conversations, or hearts. In order to avail this option, simply touch on the user’s profile and hit the ‘Block user’ button. Similarly you can unblock users whenever you want. You can view your list of blocked profiles and choose whomever you wish to unblock without worrying that they will be notified. Periscope does not notify a person if they have been blocked or unblocked by any user.

Filtering the Tirade of Notifications

Expect to get lots of notifications on your Periscope account. You will be notified when any of the following actions happen:

· anybody starts following you,

· start a public stream,

· invite you to a private stream,

· one of your follower shares somebody else’s live stream,

· and when any of your Twitter follower is streaming for the very first time.

You have three options to get rid of these push notifications. You can switch off notifications for new users or you can un-follow whom you don’t want to hear from or you can simply switch off all the notifications and have peace in your life! You can do this in three simple steps:

i) Find the option for ‘Device settings ‘

ii) Hover to ‘find periscope’ and tap ‘Notifications’

iii) Enable Allow notifications to be switched off

Finding People to Follow

Your Periscope experience depends on the kind of people you follow. Following people would mean receiving notifications every time they use public streaming. You can find their broadcasts under the ‘Watch Tab’ for around 24 hours. They can send you invitations to join other people’s public streaming that are taking place. You also have the option to initiate chats on their broadcasts.

The ideal people whom you should look forward to following on Periscope are the ones who actually take broadcasting seriously. Another important aspect is that your followers and you should have similar interests so that you have the best of your time on Periscope. The easiest way to find people to follow who share your interest is to find one whom you particularly like, under the ‘Following’ tab you’ll find all the profiles that person is following, you can start following whoever you want from there. This is a great way to get started.

Additionally, you can follow people from your Twitter account. You will be notified every time any of your Twitter followers start using Periscope so you can easily stay in touch with them on Periscope too.

You also have the option to follow the people who are joining in and commenting on the live broadcast that you are watching. You’ll get two options when you’ll tap on their name. One will allow you to view their profile and the other will allow you to block them. The block option is very handy when it comes to dealing with troll commenting!

Then there is the ‘Most Loved’ list on Periscope where you can follow people who have earned a lot of hearts. You can choose to follow those people but I would advise against it because those followers may not necessarily share your interests and may end up ruining your Periscope experience.

The Thing with Hearts

Feel like starting your own broadcast? Here’s how to best go about it.

A notification will be sent to your followers to take part, interact and give you hearts once you initiate your live broadcast.

The first thing that you need to consider is your broadcast title. It needs to be something precise and definitely clickable. It is through your broadcast title that followers will determine whether or not they want to go ahead with your broadcast.

Determining the privacy of your broadcast is an important aspect. With the private broadcasting option, you can notify only selective followers and your broadcast will not turn up in the watch table either. You can also manage who gets to comment on your broadcasts and improve the quality of your broadcasts.

You also have the option to Tweet your broadcast to your Twitter followers before launch. You should be able to do this by clicking on the Twitter bird. Make sure that your tweet is worthwhile and that it adds value to your followers. Take heed of what you are sharing and also when you are sharing.

Lastly, don’t forget to save your broadcasts and this can be done through the profile settings.

So there you have it my friends an introduction on how to use twitters Periscope. Are you using Periscope yet? If so, what have been your experiences with the twitter app. We’d love to hear how you are getting on. Apart from that it’s Up Periscope. Cheers Kim


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