It’s here! The first session of Internet Business Success & Mastery 101 – Screw The 9-5 Podcast!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring you this podcast. This is my very first attempt at Podcasting, so do be a little kind and patience. The whole idea around Screw The 9-5 Podcast has evolved becaused I wanted to reach as many people as I possibly could and teach them how they can take their knowledge, experience, expertise, information they have gained over a lifetime. Package this information into products and services and sell this online.

Our podcast show is for entreprenuers, small business owners, service providers, consultants, trainers, product creators, no matter what type of industry, profession or niche, a retiree, or you maybe in transition between employment or simly wanting to reinvent yourself.

No matter who you are or where you live you have. You are great at something and you are an EXPERT! You have the knowledge, and skills you have collected over your lifetime through your education, your work experience, research and applying that in what you currently do today. That’s what makes you an EXPERT!

So my goal is to introduce you to a whole new business model and teach you how to package your experience, your expertise, your knowledge your life skills and sell them online to the world. Never has there been a better time than NOW to start an Online Web Business. The Internet has created the largest singular unique opportunity for anyone with a laptop, iphone, smartphone to be heard with a click of a few buttons. All you need is to take the leap of faith and put yourself out there.

There are people hungry for your information all over the world, and you have the potential to reach an audience of over 2.8 billion people in every country on every continent.

I plan to share everything I have learn’t in my journey of building Biz Lab Online, so let’s get started. Listen below:

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I love the creativity and diversity of the Internet. I am passionate to share my experiences through my site Biz Lab Online has been developed to provide training in all areas of the Internet to help beginners and intermediates learn the fundamentals about starting an Internet Business and Career.
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