shopify ecommerce review

Shopify Ecommerce Review

Shopify ecommerce review. Are you considering starting an ecommerce shop online? There are many options available for you to start a shop store front online or to bring an existing offline storefront online, and you will need a platform that is easy to use, functional and and trust by many. That is why we have  our honest shopify ecommerce review.

It will be a tough decision to pick the right platform, but if you are serious than pick a platform that is going to make your life a whole lot easier. That is the aim of the shopify ecommerce platform. No technical dramas to deal with. All Shopify wants for it’s clientele is to get their store front up and running as quickly as possible, so you are making money from the time your online store front is live on the web.

Our shopify ecommerce review will outline the pros and cons of the platform.

Here are the benefits of using shopify:

Benefits and features

# 100 plus professional themes, which you can easily customise to brand and business.

# Mobile commerce ready.

# You can use your own domain name or purchase one directly through shopify.

# You have the option to have your shopify ecommerce store front customised by an expert.

# In built blogging platform.

Now you will also need a secure storefront and this is what shopify provides you to make sure your online store front visitors feel securing purchasing from you.

# Free SSL certificate.

# Accept credit card payments.

# 70 payment gateways to choose from.

# Carrier shipping rates to ship your goods.

# Abandoned checkout recovery.

# The ability to offer free shipping.

# Multiple language so you can market your shopify ecommerce site to mutliple countries.

What about storefront management?

# Store customer profiles, so you know their shopping behaviour.

# Customer accounts.

# Dropping shipping, with the ability to integrate with apps such as Ordoro, Inventory Source, and eCommHub.

# Refunds.

# Fulfillment centres working along side Amazon, Rakuten Super Logistics, and Shipwire, or set up a custom fulfillment solution on your own shopify store front.

# Email templates.

Running a store front is not just about selling, you will need help and assistance with your marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation). Shopify have it covered:

# Supporting best practices in customizable H1, title, and meta tags.

# Product reviews, google loves reviews. Encourage your shoppers to leave good reviews. This will help with your shopify ecommerce ranking on google.

# A instant sitemap is generated which includes your products, web pages and blog posts.

# Email marketing. Don’t forget to build your clientele database. So you can market new products.

# Discount codes and coupons.

# Integrate your storefront with facebook, and other social media platforms.

# Gift cards.

Managing your products can be a daunting process not with shopify. Look at what’s on offer:

# Inventory management.

# Digital products.

# Import or export your products using CSV files, or one of Shopify’s importer/exporter apps.

# Product variations and product organisation.

# Use multiple images to show case your products.

# SEO product tags, help your shopify website seo.

shopify ecommerce review

Visibility of your store front online is critical. You may be thinking that you need to have a separate hosting account but not with shopify. Here’s whats on offer from them.

# Unlimited bandwidth. Which means you are not going to be charged for the number of visitors who visitor your store front.

# Daily back ups of your site.

# Email forwarding when you purchase your domain name through shopify.

# Guarantee of 99.99% up time. How amazing is that!

# SSL certificate.

A critical element of your shopify store is to know where your traffic is coming from. This allows to target a specific audience to sell specific products, more importantly understanding your website traffic provides you with valuable data which can be used to assist you with business decision making to help grow your business.

Shopfiy has a built in analytics which allows you to import and export data and works wonders with google analytics.

Shopify also has a mobile app, which helps you manage your business on the go.

shopify ecommerce review

We know that running your shopify online store will have it’s challenges, but don’t despair shopify has the most amazing support. It’s 24/7 24 hours a day,  7 days a week. There is a shopify forum, help centre, shopify experts and video tutorials you can access through the shopify university. So they pretty much have your support network covered.

And you should also check out their resources.

So what about the shopify pricing? You have access to a 14 day free trial, and you are not required to provide your credit card details.

shopify pricing

how much does shopify cost?

Watch the demonstration below to see how easy it is to get started with shopify.


I truly believe Shopify is a game changer and is a must if you are planning on starting an e-commere store online.

The most outstanding features

  1. Premium store front themes – no matter what theme and style you choose, your online shop will look professional, which is a key ingredient in attracting more visitors and keeping them on your website to increase sales.
  2. Shopify Apps – allow you to add more and extend functionality to your online shop as you grow your business.
  3. Support – The resources and support available to you is endless. Shopify want to see you succeed with your online store.

Shopify knows that their core strength is to allow you to build and manage a website with a secure shopping cart, and they understand that they can’t build all the different business tools in the world for you.

To stay ahead of the game shopify invites designers and services provider to integrate with their designs and apps.

Shopify is one of those platforms that you should consider investing in, especially with their 24/7 phone and live chat support.  It makes a lot more sense to let them deal with the technology aspect of things, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

There are so many business opportunities that you can use with the power of shopify.

Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere

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