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Do you or have you considered using video as part of your Social Network Marketing?

Social Network Marketing has now become one of the most significant things you can do to grow your brand and your business in the digital marketing world. And the best way to communicate your message is through the use of Video Marketing. More importantly if you can focus your efforts on “How To” Videos you will have great success with attracting people and clients who are what we would refer to as “Prime Buyers” they have an intent to purchase. And Video Marketing is a great way, which will help you build trust.

Essentially you want to be at the front of the audience who is looking looking for ways to have a problem solved or want to learn something. And you want your brand and business to be the one they find to show them the results they are looking for. These are instructional videos. We produce “How To Video’s and upload them to our Youtube channel as well as our Social Media Platforms.

If you’re not sharing video, but your competitor are, then they have a persuasion tool you don’t. And this is going to cost you traffic, leads, sales and money in your business bank account.

At the moment there is a battle between the 2 major players in web video marketing. They are Youtube and Facebook. In a study completed by search metrics Videos appear in 52% of Google keyword searches and 82% of them are coming from Youtube. You have got to admit that is a pretty staggering number and a good enough reason for you to start social networking using video. Wouldn’t you agree?

Online video marketing is a great way to let your clients and potential leads to get to know you, your business and brand better.

In the good old days you needed to invest a substantial amount of money on video equipment to record a high definition video. But not these days you can shoot and record video on your mobile devices and purchase cheap attachments that will assist you in recording a selfie.

What types of Videos you can use in your business and promotions.

# 1. We have already briefly discussed the “How To”

# 2. Instructional videos. These are step by step instructions on how to use a piece of software, cook a perfect lamb roast (Just think how Jamie Oliver does this on his cooking shows), erect and put together a piece of furniture. You get the idea.

# 3. Live video. This could be a tour of your office or the introduction of a new staff member. Even an introduction to a new product or service. Or a demonstration on a white board.

# 4. Thankyou Videos for your clients.

# 5. Recorded client testimonials.

# 6. Screencast Powerpoint or Keynote Presentations.

# 7. Repurpose blog content into videos.

# 8. Reviews of products and services. This could be hotels, airlines, restaurants, hairdressers, taxis etc. Really pretty much anything.

# 9. Interviews.

# 10. Google hangouts and or skype groups.

How To Get Started With Youtube

1. Create your Youtube account. In order to do this you will need to have a gmail account.

2. Complete your About Section to start with. Tip = Use a few keywords in your about page to help your channel get found.

youtube video marketing
Make sure you link all your Social Media Platforms using the correct url.
marketing using video
3. Choose and insert your channel icon. Note the correct image sizing is as follows:

Square and rounded images which render at 98 X 98 px

We recommend uploading an 800 X 800 px image

JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG (no animated GIFs)

advertising on youtube
Secret ingredient is to make your channel stand out from the crowed. You can get your channel art created over at for $5. Youtube provides a great walk through of the whole process, complete with dimension and how your artwork will be displayed across a vareity of devices including mobile phones and television.

Your channel art will give you the opportunity to showcase your business to youtube viewers and clearly identify what your channel is all about.

how to market your business using video

Social Network Marketing Using Video

Another cool little trick is to link your channel directly to your Social Media platforms on your channel art. Watch me show you how in the video below:

4. Video Production

Start by creating an introduction for your youtube channel. I recommend that it is YOU who is introducing your channel. Now some of you may be camera shy, but people want to get to know the face behind the business and brand. This is a great way to build “like, now and trust” factor immediately. The alternative is to get an intro professional produced or use the services at

A cool tip is to organise your videos into play lists. Think of this as putting them into categories, the same way you do with your blog posts. Of if you are creating “How To” videos about cooking as an example you could create playlists for Asian, Italian, Mexican recipies etc.

5. Traffic Strategy Youtube

Youtube is the fastest way you can grow your Social Network marketings. Target the right audience with your videos and you have an awesome opportunity for your videos to go viral . In addition Youtube has the built in features of allowing you to immediately distribut your videos through various mediums, facebook, twitter, gplus reddit, blogger, tumbler, pinterest, linkedin and others as defined in the image below:

video marketing

When you are uploading your Videos to Youtube you want to make the most of the generating traffic. Tip = Make sure to use keywords in your title, but use long tail keywords in your video description.A lot of businesses and brands miss a fabulous opportunity in using the description prime real estate. What I mean is they put a brief description in. This is where you want to make the most of this online real estate and put in a long description. Write up your long description in either a text editor or word and save this on your desktop, that way you don’t need to write it out everytime. Take a look at my long description I use.

social video marketing
how to market your business using video
Secret sauce ingrdient. Make a folder on your desktop and save your videos in their original high definition mp 4 format. Why? Because once you have uploaded to Youtube, I then want you to upload the original Video to your Facebook Business Page. Why? Remember I mentioned that Youtube and Facebook are in direct competition with each other and Facebook is loving video which is growing at a rapid rate.

Another buzz feature that Youtube has introduced is Youtube cards and this will eventually replace Youtube annotations. Cards have many advantages over annotations. Such as being optimized for mobile, a proven higher click through rate, and a better interface for both you the creator, and the user. This will help build your email marketing lists.​

Watch me demonstrate in this Video:


Ensure that your Youtube Channel is synced with your Gplus profile. Now that you are up and running, it’s time to get some comments and likes happening. One of the best ways is to subscribe to channels that are in the same niche as you. Comment and like their videos. It’s also a great way to keep up with what your competition is delivering. I personally strive to post a Youtube video Monday-Friday. The number of times you post a video will depend on your time frame and management.

When someone has taken the time to comment on your videos and leave feedback. You are in the perfect position to instantly build a relationship with that person, so act fast and respond to all comments. You will be vulnerable to spam comments, just make sure you report and mark them as spam and remove them immediately.​

7. Google Webmaster Tools

I strongly recommend that you link your Youtube account to your Webmasters console. You will need to verify your site. This is a guide which will step you through the entire process.

You will also want to incorporate Google analytics, as this will help you with your content creation for your social video marketing.

8. Custom Thumbnails

Creating custom thumbnails for your videos will have a significant impact on the number of people who will view your videos. Essentially a video thumbnail works like a book cover. It basically helps promote your video.

In a recent article published on Social Media Examiner they have pointed out the top 9 Custom Thumbnails you should use.​

9. Annotations

Annotations create another great opportunity to interact with your viewers and subscribers. It gives you the chance to create a clear call to action – like my channel, subscribe to my channel, leave a comment or check out our website.

To learn more about annotations, check out this video from the Youtube Creator Academy.

Google has also given you a great opportunity to use Google Hangouts. These are live events you can share on your Gplus profile as well as Youtube. I will give you a quick guide on how to set up your google hangouts.

1. Login to your Youtube account and head over to your profile and pick the option to create studio as per the image below:

video marketing
2. Then go to your Video Manager and click live events. You will also need to confirm you accept the terms and conditions, then click enable live streaming.

youtube video marketing
3. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you will be notified and you are then ready to create live event.

video marketing for business
As you can see using Google hangouts on Air together with Youtube is another great strategy to incorporate into your social network marketing.

​You may think it takes a lot of effort to get up and running using video as a marketing tool. But the time you invest will give a great return on your efforts. So there you have it, some of our best tips and strategies to help you use video in your social network marketing. So get out there and start recording, just start out with your mobile device. Let us know how you get on with your video marketining efforts.


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