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How do you take your passions, work experience and your hobbies and turn this into a REAL online business? A business that provides real value to the market place backed with giving you the real freedom to work when you want, from where you want anywhere in the world, on YOUR terms?

A business that makes money for your 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and yes even while you are sleeping? Is it at all possible? You bet ya it is!

Do you know how to start a business like that?

Even if you have an existing online business, how do you grow it fast and use the right product launch plan?

This is about having the potential to build a six or even seven figure income online. Do you ever wonder how the top online entrepreneurs do their product launch plan?

The product launch plan is not an over complicated process, which most people think is behind these massive product launches that you see online. It really is simple, but I always stress that your results will vary and there a many factors to this such as your experience, expertise, marketing etc. So please in no way consider this a quick rich scheme.

Because as with any business your results will vary, and you need to be focused on the fact that we are talking about building a real business. The only difference is our focus is online. Now that I’ve got that cleared up lets move on with the product launch plan.

This formular works in any market, any niche and any micro niche market. So just think about what an Online business has to offer over a brick and mortar business.

# 1. The Internet does not operate on office hours.
# 2. The Internet is a new age digital economy.
# 3. The Internet gives your business the opportunity to earn revenue around the clock.
# 4. Your business and you work smarter, not harder.
# 5. Your clients are not limited by geographical location.
# 6. You and your business, get to do the work that you love to do.
# 7. Your online business provides you with freedom.
# 8. Making a success with your online business allows you to give back to your community.

Now everyone has a story, a story of failure or a story of success, a sad story, or a happy story, a story of love lost or love found. But please don’t let your story hold you back from even giving this a go.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but believe me once you make that first online sale. Boom you are in the game, your on a role and it will be the first online sale that will change your direction and the direction of your online business forever.

Your online business needs momentum and the only way to get momentum is to market. I’m not talking about old school marketing.

Traditionally this was through long sales copy, you hit a pain point, provide a solution and charge a fee for that solution.

Now there is a new way to market your business and that is through video marketing backed by the product launch formula.

The secret sauce in the product launch plan is to provide your prospect with value, real value. This give them the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you and your business.

The product launch plan looks like this.

# Landing Page/Squeeze Page, this is where you drive all your traffic.

# The traffic that you drive to your landing page/squeeze page will be relevant to your topic subject.
# On your squeeze page you collect the names and email addresses of people who land on your squeeze page in exchange for a high converting offer. Focus on building your list.
# You deliver a series of how to videos, over a 10 day period. Release 1 video per day through an automated email message provider such as aweber.
# At the end of your free training, you upsell your programs, products and services to your list.

To start a online business like this years ago you needed to invest a huge amount of money to get it off the ground. But not today, we have all the resources right at our finger tips. And as far as the investment goes the outlay is minimal.

The cost of a domain name, web hosting, website platform, auto responder, video hosting, images and graphics, content creation and curation, landing/squeeze pages plus traffic would of put many people out of the game. But things have changed dramatically, you can get up and running in a week for a small investment of well under $1,000.00. And that’s for a pretty upmarket online business model.

The Internet gives us global market opportunites, but it also gives others the same opportunity so it is critical that you get into product launch mode NOW!

You need a strategy and the first strategy for any successful product launch is list building. No list no online income and revenue. List building if probably the biggest challenge for anyone when it comes to their product launch.

Did you know product launch is one of the best strategies to build your list? You are targeting prospect and leads that are interested in your subject, niche market. They are ideal leads to become paying clients for your products and services.

If you have no list, then this is the time to start building. Focus on getting your first 100 subscribers, and from there you will want 1,000 and from there 10,000. But you need to understand that you need a list of subscribers before you can move forward with your product launch.

You can build your list of subscribers by using organic traffic strategies, these work but it will take you a lot longer to get to that first 100 email subscribers. My best advice is to use paid traffic strategies. If you are in a relatively low competition market place then use google adwords. The cost of the cpc (cost per click will be cheap), but if you are in a market that has high competition in relation to search terms then focus your paid traffic strategies through one of the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter or linkedIn.

Just know where your subscribers are hanging out online and have your product launch right in front of them with your landing page.

The next step is nuturing the relationships with those on your list through email marketing where you are providing great value on your subject topic. And you need to be focused on the click through rates and open rates. It indicates how warm your email list is from the product launch right through to last training video in your series. The click through rates and open rates provides you with some good analytic information.

Email marketing allows you to build you and your business as the guru, expert and authority in your niche market place online. Do this well and your existing list of subscribers will become your raving fans. Within your email marketing give people the opportunity to like, share and comment on your content. It helps the whole marketing funnel and sales process by building your online credibility.

What type of tactics do you need to have set up for your offer in the market place?

Firstly there needs to be a demand in your niche market to enable you to create your offer to supply to that particular demand. So quite obviously there is going to be market research to identify which demand to supply.

This is where keyword research needs to be undertaken, and keyword research is a lenghty process but one that is critical to the success of your product launch.  You don’t want to do a product launch if there is no requirement in your specific market place to fill. Another problem that you can encounter is trying to enter into a market place that is literally saturated with competition. This is only going to bring your product launch to a grind.

The key is to take the market place, narrow down the niche, and then narrow down the niche market to a micro niche market. Or if you have an existing business take your products and services and create a landing/squeeze page for each individual product and service and use those for your product launch.

A product launch can work in any market and anywhere in the world.

What about if you don’t have a product or service yet. Then you need to check out a few resources online for inspiration head on over to:

# Amazon and check out the top sellers in the categories section.
# and check out the categories section. Pay attention to the front page of the magazines. They have paid thousands of dollars in research to find out what that particular market place is looking for.
# Dummies is another great resource to find a product or service that you can create.
# Research what it is you love to do for your hobbies and leisure time.

There is a demand in your market space online, that needs your experience and expertise. You need to put your product or service into play in the new digital marketing economy. That is what the Internet is today a presentation of global business opportunities.

Look at all the transactions that are being conducted online, from food shopping, retail, holidays, flights, banking, finances, house sales and transfer. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I often get asked so what if I don’t want to create a product or service for a product launch, then you can join the army of affiliate marketers who do nothing but simply promote other peoples products and services that they have created.

The concept is the same to promote affliliate products by using the product launch strategy that we have outlined in this post.

What types of product launches are there:

# 1. There is the seed launch which Jeff Johnson teaches well. It basically is a launch where you have not created the end product.

# 2. Email launch. This works if you have a responsive list of subscribers.

# 3. Joint Venture launches. This is great to get others to promote your products and services. This can be through afflilates or other partners who will promote your product and services to their list of subscribers.

At the end of the day a product launch plan is all you need to have in place to help the growth of your online business and build your email list which in turn generates you income and that changes your life. But you need to start. All the tools and resources are available online with no real outlay of capital.

As I said you can have the whole business up and running online within a week.

Have you got a product launch plan that you have used which has been successful? If so we’d love to hear what worked and how it went for you and your business.

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