The Top 15 PLR Products To Make You Money

the top 15 plr products to make you money

Have you ever considered using PLR products to help you grow your online web business and make money online? Well if you haven’t then you are missing out on a great opportunity!

Firstly what does PLR actually stand for? “Private Label Rights” This is where someone has created a product and it could be an ebook, video course, audio course, white paper report it can literally be anything on any subject matter that you could imagine. The product creator then licenses and sells this for a price and gives you the right to use, brand and market as your own product.

Now before I dive into giving you the top 15 PLR products to make you money online. I think it is important that I point out the pros and cons to PLR products because there are some pretty shit ones out there in the market place. And it will be the crap ones that can cause your online web business a lot of grief.



The Pros of PLR Products

# You have the rights to market the product as your own. This includes rewording, editing and branding together with you noted as the author.

# You can instantly monetize the product, sell the product and retain the profit.

# Create new products from the existing content.

# Massive time and energy saving factor.

# There is a PLR product for any niche market both online and offline.

# Great to instantly to give content for your web business.

# Research and marketing for niche markets has already been done.

# Great for people who are not fluent in English both verbal and written.

The Cons of PLR Products

# Duplicate content on the Internet.

# Cheap PLR products will not make you money. As an example if you pay $20 for 50 articles I guarantee you they are going to be crap. But if you pay $50 for an article I guarantee that it will be professional and high converting.

# The PLR product has not been researched and is produced poorly.

# Use of potential copy right images.

# The PLR product is not unique, and does not contain original content.

# There will be a flood other marketers completing in the same niche using the same content in it’s original form.

When working with any type of PLR product I strongly recommend that you edit and rewrite at least 50% of the content to make it your own and this includes the visuals. This eliminates any issues with duplicate content on the Internet, badly written content, and low quality images etc. You need to add your own personality to the PLR product and customize to your niche market.

So how do you discover the top trending 20 PLR products that will make you money online? Stop and think about all the money that is spent on research and marketing by the top marketing gencies! They basically have done all the hard work for you. This is about discovering the top niche market ideas for your Online Web Business

How To Source The Top 15 PLR Products to make you money

# 1. Start out at your local mall or shopping centre. Stop and take a look at the magazines and who are advertising in them. All these magazines have done the market research to what is currently trending in the market place and businesses are advertising in those magazines.

# 2. Choose your niches well. Don’t try and get into a saturated market because the competition will be high and you are very unlikely to be successful. If you really want to make money online in your niche then you need to narrow this down. Let me give you an example. We’ll take the “Fitness” market, massive online opportunities, what we need to do is break this down into micro niche markets. From the “Fitness” market we could look at selling Amazon products to “Women” but the “Women Fitness” market is also highly competitive. So we need to narrow this down even further. Target an age range of women, “Women over 40” that is your target audience. This is a mirco niche of “Fitness” “Women Fitness” down to “Fitness Women over 40”. Does that make sense?

# 3. Long tail keywords: Long tail keywords will give you the power to drive traffic to your website. Long tail keywords are extremely less competitive and much more easier for you to get your website ranked. Remember we are working in our niche market and sure there will be a lot less traffic, but much higher conversion results which inturn equals more profit. This pretty much aleviates the over saturation of a market. Long tail keywords are also easy to create content around.

# 4. Google search “PLR + your niche market”, “PLR + your niche market ebooks”, “PLR + your niche market video”

# 5. is another great resource to see what is trending in your market place as we pointed out at 1. All the market research has been done by the big guns. All you need to do is browse the categories and you will be presented with a truck load of options to help you find a top PLR product to source.

plr products

# 6. is another under used resource tool to help you discover high converting PLR product ideas. As they say they have every topic covered under the sun!

plr ebooks

# 7. JVZoo Market Place another exceptional market place to source PLR products and also affiliate products to market. Again any market in any niche is covered. Tip: A great place to get ideas for your own product creation.

# 8. The PLR Store browse the categories and view what PLR products are on offer.

# 9. idlplr you will find an endless supply of PLR products to use for your online web business. This site is membership based.

# 10. at you will find people who will produce quality PLR products for $5. Please make sure that you check out the reviews for each contractor. This will help you determine the quality of work that you will get.

# 11. Master Resale Rights these PLR products have additional licensing requirements. But worth checking out.

# 12. Master Resell Rights membership based PLR site. Before signing up for any membership site check out any legitamate reviews and make sure that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

# 13. Warrior Forum. Even though Warrior Forum is an Internet Marketing based forum, they do have a section where you can purchase high quality PLR products or hire the services for PLR product creation. You can create a free account to become a member of the Warrior Forum. If you are interested in starting in the Internet Marketing niche it is a great resource with valuable information.

# 14. membership based site. But looks like it has some pretty interesting PLR products.

# 15. If you are keen to find a variety of PLR products then complete a google search for the following terms:

> Private Label Rights.

> Using Private Label Rights.

> Ebooks Private Label Rights.

> Video Private Label Rights.

> Audio Private Label Rights.

> Courses Private Label Rights.

> Private Label Rights Websites.

> Editing Private Label Rights.

> Social Media Private Label Rights.

> Amazon Private Label Rights.

> Ebay Private Label Rights.

> Niche Marketing Private Label Rights.

So PLR products are a great resource to help you build and grow your web business and build your online asset your list, in any market, any niche.

Now what if you were not interested in using PLR products and wanted to create your own. I have put together a free video course which shows you exactly how to produce your own ebook without the need to pay for any software. You can access this free training below:

Access Kim's Free Ebook Training

There is an added advantage when you create your own PLR products because it gives you a business opportunity to sell the products that you create for use as PLR products. This is an area online which I have not entered as I personally prefer  to create and produce my own products for use within my membership site and as a resource to build my list online. Just an option that you can consider.
I think we have highlighted the pro’s and con’s of PLR products, given you insight on how to source high quality PLR products and where to find to Private Label Right products to sell. But I want to reiterate my point about using Private Label Rights and that is you MUST edit the content including images to stamp it with your own personality. This is also applicable to any article bundles that you purchase if the plan is to use them on your blog website.

When you are purchasing Private Label Rights please don’t make the fatal mistake to purchase PLR products that are cheap. I pointed out in this article the dangers of cheap PLR. Pay peanuts and you will end up with a product produced by monkeys. Pay a pair price and you will get a PLR product that is worth it’s weight in gold.

There are many people who produce PLR products and run this as a full time web business. It will be these professionals that you need to source. Fiverr as mentioned in our list will help you find these professionals. Find the right professional and build a working relationship. You will find this relationship one of the best things for you and your online web business.

Content is king and google loves websites and blogs that are continually producing fresh content, so I guess the question when it comes to running your online business is where is your time best spent. Is it content creation or is this a part of your business that you could source out. I understand that if you are new to the industry then outsourcing may not be something achievable in the beginning. PLR is something that I think you should consider, but as I have mentioned it is the quality that is a must.

So my final thoughts are that PLR does come with it’s pro’s and con’s, but I honestly feel that if you are able to incorporate PLR into your content creation you will find it to be beneficial. Do you use PLR in your content creation? And if so what has been your experience. Is there a resource or website that you use on a regular basis? That is a wrap on the top 15 PLR Products to make you money. We’d love to hear of any goldmine PLR sites that you have visited that could be helpful to our readers.

Cheers Kim 🙂

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