The Top 8 Of What’s Trending In Digital Marketing

The Top 8 Of What's Trending In Digital










We are going to expose what’s trending in Digital Marketing by the top influencers in the Internet and Social Media Marketing world.

# 1. How To Optimize Your Social Profiles For Search

Social Media Examiner today brings a powerful post on this topic.

Do you know where to use keywords in your social profiles?

In social media, there are two search engines you have to optimize for: the search function within each social network and Google search.

how to optimize your social profiles for search

# 2. Google Brings Youtube Trueview Campaigns Into The Adwords Fold

Search Engine Land gives a overview of on how video campaigns can now be managed with within the main Adwords interface alongside search, display and shopping campaigns.

google brings youtube review into google adwords

# 3. Global Marketing Growth Hacks

Hubspot going Global, 22 Growth Hacks & Resources for International Expansion

For a marketer, it’s exciting to see your company grow and transcend the borders of your home country. On the flip side, international expansion can make your job significantly more complex.

Should your international goals vary from your regular goals? How will you handle international communication? What about prioritizing markets? Who comes first?
global marketing growth hacks

# 4. How To Create High Converting Landing Pages

Jeff has hands down in this post covered the essentials on how to create high converting landing pages. A must read. Landing pages that are critical element to the success of your Internet Business.

# 5. SEO For E-commerce Websites

Search Engin have a great post on how to improve SEO for e-commerce websites.

When dealing with an e-commerce website, there are several things that you’ll want to pay particularly close attention to in terms of SEO.

Your WordPress website is not going to have the same challenges as your IBM Websphere website. With e-commerce, you are dealing with a litany of areas where things can go wrong. Hopefully this column will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that often come from trying to optimize for e-commerce.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of everything to watch for in the SEO of an e-commerce website, but these elements just happen to represent some of the more common things that I’ve come across.

# 6. 10 Easy To Use Tools For Creating Animated Images and Videos

Here we go again providing a great article on resources you can use to create animated images and videso for your blog and website.

whats trending in digital marketing

# 7. 5 Copywriting Hacks To Give Your Business A Boost

Brandon Turner is an article contributer to and he put an amazing article together about 5 copywriting hacks to give your business a boost. A must read.

Having incredible copy is one of the fastest ways to increase your conversion rates and sales, yet so many companies are terrible at it.

Recently, I decided to improve my copywriting skills, so I talked to my friend Neville Medhora, who is a copywriter. The reason I trust his judgement over others is that besides being the most popular copywriter I know, he actually does client work four days out of the week. He rewrites copy every day, then sees it in action through every industry (online, offline, ecommerce stores, software-as-a-service businesses, etc).

copywriting hacks to boost your business

# 8. The Click Is A Lie

Soren Ryherd at Search Engine Land  has put a wonderful piece together on the click is a lie. This is a must read:

We all track performance of our digital campaigns. In fact, we’re swimming in tracking data telling us about clicks, conversions, channel performance and more. This is how we do marketing in the 21st century.
The problem is that our data is lying to us.

It’s a lie of omission, and it’s not the fault of the tracking tools we use. But before you throw out your data, let’s talk about what’s going on. The problem isn’t the data, it’s that users interact with different types of advertising in radically different ways that our tools were not built to report on.

So there we have our  “Top 8 Of What’s Trending In Digital Marketing”

All authors that we have referenced in this post are Industry thought leaders and experts in their fields. They provide us on a daily basis with information that in current and trending in the Digital Marketing world.

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