What Rachel Green Taught Me About Online Marketing Basics

What Rachel Green Taught Me About Online

I’m going to reveal what Rachel Green told me about Online Marketing Basics

When you have your Internet Business finally set up and you are ready to launch, you need to consider how you are going to market your business. Are you going to use a combination of offline and online strategies, or will you focus only on offline or soley online tactics?

This where you need to seriously understand online marketing basics. Please don’t go rushing off to any Marketing Agencies and start spending money before your business hasn’t even started to generate any revenue and income. Now most of you will think I have to rank my Internet Business in Google, but seriously STOP!

This is not the fundamentals of  “Online Marketing Basics” I want you to break this up into 2 sections:

(Section 1 = Your Business)  (Section 2 = Marketing)

Your efforts need to be focused on marketing and this is not about ranking on page 1 of Google, there is a truck load more to it than that. Search engines are just a vehicle/platform/medium to help you market your business, nothing more and nothing less than that. We are not focused on rankings!

Marketing is a combination of building your Business brand and profile, experties, authority, leadership, products and services. In essence making your business stand out from the crowd and this can be a challenge in a rather competitive online space to gain that recognition.

So what did Rachel Green from friends teach me about this space? Rachel taught me that it is really important to stand out from the crowd not in the crowd and get lost. How to get peoples attention. Think of Rachel Green from friends for just a moment? Of all the cast on the Friends series who stood out the most in just about every episode? Rachel Green!

online marketing basics

And that leads me back to the point of Online Marketing Basics, your Internet Business needs to stand out from your competition. Instead of trying to appeal to the masses, you need to connect your business with people who have an interest or a similar special interests to what your business has to offer. This is about identifying your mirco niche audience.

Here is an example of what I am trying to get across.

“Will It Blend” This is a marketing campaign that went viral. The marketing team put a campaign together to sell a Blender.

They identified that people who were looking to buy Blenders also associated with things that got smashed and the “Will It Blend” campaign was created and became a huge success. Watch an example of it below:

So I guess the next question is how do we find our target niche audience? Facebook has taken care of all of that for us, they have pretty much done all of the profiling for us. Thanks Facebook!

# Step 1 Facebook Research

So firstly, head on over to the Facebook page in the top right from the drop down menu go to create ads. Just note, we are not setting up a Facebook Ad, we are doing our target audience research.

how to do online marketing

# Step 2 Campaign Setup

You can chosse any campaign objective, I’d suggest just choose the option “send people to your website” for the purpose of the exercise.

online marketing tips

# Step 3 Campaign Setup Process

Put in your website url and choose pixels, then hit continue.

online marketing basics

Step 4. Choosing Our Target Audience

Let’s say as example your Internet Business was in the Health Market and you wanted to specifically target people who were interested in exercise. Facebook gives you the option to really narrow down your target audience. From:
# Location.

# Age.

# Gender.

# Language.

# Interests.

# Behaviour.

# and Connections.

how to do online marketing

# Step 5 Target Specifics

Ok we know from our example that the Internet Business is in “Health Market” and we are interested in people who enjoy exercise. So we want to narrow this down to even further. So let’s target this specifically:

# Country = Australia.

# Age = 35-55.

# Gender = Women.

# Languarge = English.

# Interest = Physical Exercise, Weight Training & Weight Watchers.

Our audience reach is 1,100,000 people.

But if you continue to filter through interests you can narrow this target audience down even further by adding niche related interests.

online marketing essentials

Can you see how Facebook can be such a power tool to research your target audience? Play around with. You can complete all sorts of interesting psychographics research with this function in Facebook, and fto top it off this information is free.

Once you know who your target niche audience is, now it’s time to start reaching out to them. This is where you start to market to them, not in the sense of trying to make a sale but providing value. Believe me this is the most easiest way to market you, your business and the definitive way to get your message out there in front of the right people.

And when you think about marketing you want to get to the pain of your audience. Where are they hurting the most and how can you provide value to help resolve the pain? The most effective way to do this, is by answering questions. So the next big question is how do I know what questions my target niche audience is asking? Here are the answers to that key question.

# Step 6 Twitter Resource

You can use Followerwonk which is an epic tool which allows you to search Twitter profiles and this can be done by using specific words. In our case I used “exercise” and I’m presented with all the Twitter profiles that have the word or closely related words in their Twitter bio’s. This is a great way to reach out to others and build a community in your market place as a whole.

twitter marketing

# Step 7 How to Find Questions

Head on over to Google and type in a keyword which is relevant to your niche market, and I’ll continue with our example. We are looking at Health Market, target exercise, physical exercise, weight training and weight watchers. These are keywords. So I will type in physical exercise and google auto suggest comes up with a few options based on what people are searching.

what is online marketing

In this example Google auto suggest gives us some options:
# physical exercise reduces stress by.

# physical exercise definition.

# physical exercise and the brain


But watch what happens when I use “is physical exercise”

online marketing basics

Check it out:
# Is physical exercise good for depression.

# Is physical exericse beneficial to health.

# Is physical exercise important.

# What is physical exercise.

# Why is physical exercise important for our health.

Keyword: Weight training
how to do online marketing


# Weight training exercise crossword.

# Weight training for women.

# Weight training routines.

# Weight training for runners.

# Weight training at home.
Keyword: How to weight train.

what is online marketing


# How to weight train at home.

# How to weight train without weights.

# How to weight train property.

# How to weight train as a woman.
# How to weight train at home without weights.

Keyword: Is weight watchers
how to do online marketing


# Is weight watchers free.

# Is weight watchers good.

# Is weight watchers expensive.
# Is weight watchers worth it.

# Is weight watchers good for diabetics.
Scoll down to the bottom page of Google and you are given even more options by Google suggest of how a search query maybe typed into Google.
online marketing essentials

Do this for any search term relevant to your business, and watch the magic happen.

Can you really see how powerful this is? These are questions that people are looking for answers. So you need to take this information and use it to your business advantage and be at the forefront of that audience with the answers they are looking for.

Another great tool to find questions that are being asked is Ubersuggest, it taps into Google suggest but instead of giving you 5-10 different variances it litterly gives you hundreds that you can incorporate in your marketing efforts.

The most powerful way to research questions with auto suggest is to start with your main keyword/s then in front use: Is, How, How to, What is, Why, Why is. Just start with a preference to ask a question.

All of what I have shown you in the above examples are generally referred to as long tail keywords or low hanging fruit. It is much easier to get in front of a targeted audience using these types of keywords, meaning there is much less competition. And as I mentioned we are not looking for rankings, we are looking to get our message in front of the right audience.

Step 8. Questions and Answers

Quora is another go to place as it is a forum which is specifically designed for questions and answers. It’s totally free to sign up.

Quora does take a bit of research, but it is a great resource when it comes to building your authority in your niche market, and at the same time building brand awareness for your business.

To add a little side note, it is a great resource to find inspiration to find content ideas to produce. Just imagine what you could produce and monetize just from this site alone.

Step 9. Promotion

This is not the time to sit back and wait for the list building to start, you need to start the listing buildiing process now from day one. And the only way to do this is to start promoting your business everywhere you possibly can.

So far we have covered strategies that will get in front on the right audience, we have disclosed how to find the questions that your target audience is asking, and how you can put yourself and your business in front of them to provide the answers.

So what then happens when they land on your website or blog? You need to be able to give your visitors the opportunity to be able to share your content and to achieve this you need to incorporate social sharing tools that makes this process easy.

There are many sharing tools and plugins that you can use, hopefully your site has been built on WordPress. If so, then you will not be limited for your choice of plugins. But Social Share or Flare are good options.

Another strategy for promotion is to look at paid traffic options. Using paid traffic promotions will get your business out in front of your audience that much quicker rather than relying on generating traffic organically. Combine both and you will see a significant increase in traffic to your website or blog, which in turn builds your list of subscribers that much quicker.

# 9. Results

As with anything all your marketing efforts need to have some form of measurement involved so that you can quickly, and effectively analyze the performance. The best tool to achieve this is Google Anayltics.

Google Analytics will help you understand your online lead generation results indepth.

Measuring the return on your investment from both a time perspective and money perspective is essential.

By effectively measuring your results you can immediately identify what is working for your Internet Business and what isn’t. Allowing you to focus on the content that is converting best and attracting your target audience.

Good marketing equals good search engine results. And what you need to understand is that Google is just a search engine, a tool/platform that you can use to help promote your business. Google matches content that is online to a specific search term the best they can to the person making the search query.

It is your job as a marketer to make sure that you are in front of the right audience. You will see the results but don’t expect this to be an overnight success. You don’t get the return if you don’t make and put the information out there on the Internet.

# 10. Time

Time is your most valuable resource and many of you will think that having to go through this whole process is hard work, and it is going to take a huge amount of time. And I will be upfront you, are probably right.

But if you go through this process, building your business around making yourself and brand stand out from the masses will come with results that you are after, and those results will be explosive. It is an intrinsic process to go through.

The key is to not quit, don’t be distracted by all the shiny bells and whistle that claim that your marketing can be automated. Because it can’t.

If you and your business can provides those answers that your target audience is seeking out on Google and other search engines you will reap the rewards for your hard work and labour.

At the end of the day running an Internet Business is no different than running a brick and mortar business. You know that there are risks involved, but once your business reaches success you are up, off and running.

So this my friends is the no bullshite approach of what Rachel Green taught me about Online Marketing Basics. And if you stick with what works then you are half way there.

Do you have any Online Marketing basic tips that you can share through your own experiences of getting in front of the right audience. We’d love to hear from you. Until next time to your business marketing success!

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